Who are the playoff teams for the 2013 NHL season?

Who are the playoff teams for the 2013 NHL season?

The top four teams in each conference would then qualify for the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs, while for the regular season, each team would face its non-conference opponents twice: once each at home and on the road. Conference opponents would face each other five or six times each.

When did the NHL lockout start in 2012?

Originally planned for October 11, 2012, the lockout delay pushed the start of the 2012–13 season to January 19, 2013, with 12 games for the opening night.

How many games are there in the NHL regular season?

Each team played 18 games within its division (four or five games for each team) and 30 games against teams in the other division (three games for each team); no interconference games were played during the regular season. The regular season was shortened from 82 games down to 48, canceling 41.5 percent of the full regular season.

What are the goals for and against in the NHL?

Goals For/Against include shootout wins/losses, and may not match actual goal totals shown elsewhere.

What is the schedule for the NHL playoffs?

The Playoff Schedule page provides a status of each playoff series including past scores, future game dates, and probabilities of game and series outcomes. NHL Playoffs FAQ? When do the 2021 NHL playoffs start?

When did the Stanley Cup playoffs start and end?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 11, 2012, after the conclusion of the 2011–12 NHL regular season, and ended on June 11, with the Los Angeles Kings defeating the New Jersey Devils in six games to win their first Stanley Cup title.

When does the NHL regular season start and end?

sports season. The 2012–13 NHL season was the 96th season of operation (95th season of play) of the National Hockey League (NHL). The regular season began on January 19, 2013 and ended on April 28, 2013, with the playoffs to follow until June.