Who are the most political rappers?

Who are the most political rappers?

Political Rap Artists

  • Immortal Technique. 524,791 listeners.
  • Public Enemy. 989,189 listeners.
  • dead prez. 461,135 listeners.
  • Paris. 97,580 listeners.
  • The Coup. 153,013 listeners.
  • KRS-One. 571,604 listeners.
  • Sabac. 67,179 listeners.
  • The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. 48,052 listeners.

Who is the most popular rapper in Mexico?

Mexican Rap Artists

  • Control Machete. 126,901 listeners.
  • Kinto Sol. 18,236 listeners.
  • Delinquent Habits. 159,131 listeners.
  • Kid Frost. 69,897 listeners.
  • Conejo. 19,908 listeners.
  • Tha Mexakinz. 10,686 listeners.
  • The Psycho Realm. 87,403 listeners.
  • Bocafloja. 11,610 listeners.

What are Mexican Hiphops called?

Chicano rap is a subgenre of hip hop that embodies aspects of Southwest Mexican American or Chicano culture. It is typically performed by rappers and musicians of Mexican descent.

Who is the best conscious rapper?

So, who are the best conscious rappers? Any list has to have the likes of Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, and Killer Mike on it.

Who started conscious rap?

Inspired by 1970s political preachers such as The Last Poets and musician Gil Scott-Heron, Public Enemy was the first predominately political hip-hop group. It has helped to create a new form of social expression for subordinate groups to speak about their exclusions, injustices and lack of power.

Is nle Choppa Hispanic?

He Jamaican but rocking Mexican flags.

Is Drake Mexican?

Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. His father, Dennis Graham, is African American and a practicing Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee, who worked as a drummer, performing alongside country musician Jerry Lee Lewis.

Is 6ix9ine Mexican?

Early life. Daniel Hernandez was born on May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City to Natividad Perez-Hernandez, a factory worker and house cleaner from Atlixco, Mexico, and Daniel Hernandez, Sr., from Río Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Is rap popular in Mexico?

Once considered an aggressive street genre, rap has gained acceptance among Mexicans. The musical genre called rap has gained acceptance around the globe, but what is its history in Mexico? Mexico has many urban neighborhoods on the outskirts of the main cities. There, teenage gangs tend to congregate.

Are there any Mexican rappers in the US?

With growth in hip hop, the country’s top Mexican rappers have been expanding their ground further into the American hip hop scene, and not just in California and Texas, which for years have been the stronghold for Mexican American hip hop artists.

Who are some famous hip hop artists from Mexico?

While they’ve since split, Control Machete had a good run of eight years and released some of Mexican hip-hop’s most iconic songs, such as ‘Sí Señor’ and ‘De Perros Amores’, as well as launching the career of former member Pato Machete.

Who are the most influential Latino rappers of all time?

Not only has B-Real influenced a whole slew of rappers (and stoners), the Mexican and Cuban MC is one of hip-hop’s best performers ever. 3.

What kind of music is political hip hop?

In hip hop music, political hip hop, or political rap, is a form developed in the 1980s, inspired by 1970s political preachers such as The Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron.