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Who are the bloggers in the Philippines?

Who are the bloggers in the Philippines?

Top 5 Bloggers in the Philippines

  • YugaTech.
  • WhenInManila.
  • Our Awesome Planet.
  • Lakwatsero.

How many single mothers are there in the Philippines?

Philippines has around 15 million single parents, of whom 95% are women, or more than 14 million. way of living.

What is the percentage of single mothers in the Philippines?

Based on a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), Philippines has about 15 million solo parents, 95 per cent or more than 14 million of whom are women.

How much bloggers earn in Philippines?

Most blogging staff are paid around 270K pesos – 350K pesos per year. This figure depends heavily on the industry and location (metro manila paying the most). If you are working for a company overseas and you are an experienced writer, designer, etc., then the amount you can earn is often much higher.

Who is the top 1 famous blogger in the Philippines?

The Top 10 Philippine Bloggers

  • Abe Olandres. Abe is the founder of YugaTech, which is the topmost technology blog in Philippines.
  • Vince Golangco.
  • Daniel Gubalane.
  • Mark Macanas.
  • Laureen Uy.
  • Kryz Uy.
  • David Guison.
  • Jackie Go.

Which country has the most single mothers?

the U.S.
Single Parents According to Pew Research Center, the U.S. has the highest share of single parenting in the world. In 2018, almost a quarter of U.S. children under the age of 18 lived in a household with a single parent and no other adults present other than adult children.

Who are solo parents Philippines?

Solo parents are those who are left alone with the responsibility of rearing their children regardless of marital status. RA 8972, which was promulgated on November 7, 2000, was enacted to provide a comprehensive program of social development and welfare services for solo parents and their children.

What are the benefits of solo parent in the Philippines?

Under the measure, solo parents are entitled to 10 percent discounts and exemption from the value-added tax on the sale of basic necessities of their child or children such as clothing, baby’s milk and food, and children’s medicine, among others. The bill, however, also sets the period of validity of these privileges.

How much do bloggers earn Philippines?

Do Filipinos read blogs?

The study said 90.3 percent of active Filipino Internet users said they use the Internet to read blogs. This is second only to South Korea, which had 92.1 percent.