Which is the best magazine for optometrists to read?

Which is the best magazine for optometrists to read?

A quarterly e-newsletter by Optometric Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Society (OCCRS) covering the latest information on cornea, cataract and refractive surgery, comanagement and leading technologies. Keep up to date on the latest research and clinical findings in retinal disease care with this quarterly publication from the ORS.

How does the notal vision Diagnostic Clinic work?

The Notal Vision Diagnostic Clinic uses at-home monitoring to supplement the in-person examinations that patients have come to rely on without interrupting the workflow of a practice, thus enabling maximum patient engagement with minimal clinical disruption. You’ve taken the kids for their checkups and scheduled your parents’ doctor visits.

Is the optic nerve ischemia consistent with GCA?

This article reviews the sequelae, diagnosis and treatment of GCA. Fig. 1. Optic nerve and retinal ischemia consistent with AAION and GCA.

Who is the editor of review of Optometry?

A weekly e-journal edited by Art Epstein, OD, featuring incisive commentary, timely research summaries and late-breaking news. As patients become more familiar with digital health care models, they may come to expect that their Optometrist embrace such frameworks.

Why is feedback important to the optometry community?

Feedback and ideas from the optometric community. Preventing claim rejections and audit exposure is key. Monitoring scleral topography changes over time helps ensure a consistently optimized fit. These ocular meds are a hot commodity for both patients and practitioners.

When does myelination of optic nerve fibers stop?

In the fetal stages of a developing eye, myelination of optic nerve fibers is produced by neuroglial cells (oligodendroglia). This process normally stops at the level of lamina cribrosa right before birth. But in some cases, the process continues postnatally, extending beyond the optic nerve head.

When to refer a patient to an optometrist?

Understanding when and how to prescribe oral medications will help optometrists provide optimal patient care. When patients ask about dermatologic concerns around the eyes, be prepared to address them in the office and refer when needed.

Why do we need stepwise approach to optometry?

This stepwise approach can help you diagnose and manage these conditions. These clinical pearls can help you identify at-risk patients in your practice and care for them over the long haul. Amid safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual show is going virtual.