Which is powerful God in Bangalore?

Which is powerful God in Bangalore?

Sri Annamma Devi is considered as the guardian goddess of Bengaluru in the times of Kempe Gowda. It is also regarded as one of the most powerful abodes of Devi owing to its spiritual powers and rituals.

Which God is famous in Bangalore?

Shivoham Shiva Temple Source: One of the major tourist attractions, as well as Lord Shiva devotee’s place, is Shivoham Shiva Temple in Bangalore. The 65-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva is highly enchanting and a thing to witness in Bangalore.

Which is big temple in Bangalore?

Situated in South Bangalore, the Dodda Basavana Gudi was built by the former ruler of Vijayanagara Empire in 1537. This temple is believed to be the biggest Nandi temples in the world, measuring a whopping 15 feet.

Where is Vishnu temple in India?

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tiruchirapalli. Situated on the Srirangam island on the Cauvery River is the largest Hindu temple of India and among the largest religious complexes in the world. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is the one of the 108 Vishnu Temples in the world.

Which temple is good for marriage in Bangalore?

Great marriage venue – ISKCON Temple Bangalore.

Which is the powerful god in Karnataka?

very powerful god – Sri Mookambika Temple.

What are the famous temples in Karnataka?

Most famous temples of Karnataka

  • Shri Agnidurga Gopalakrishna Mahakala Bhairava Temple, Karamogaru, Mangaluru.
  • Shri Kadri Manjunatha Temple, Mangaluru.
  • Shri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangapatna.
  • Navagraha Jain Temple, Hubli.
  • Shri Mangaladevi Temple, Mangaluru.
  • Sri Kollur Mookambika Temple, Kollur.

What is the famous food of Bangalore?

1. Idlis, Vadas, and Dosas. Ask any South Indian what would be their ideal breakfast and they’ll probably say dosa or idli and vada. Made from rice flour and urad dal, these delicacies can be found all over the city from your run-of-the-mill restaurant chains to local vendors in their carts.

Who built Vishnu Temple?

It has a simple, one cell square plan and is one of the earliest Hindu stone temples still surviving today. Built in the Gupta Period, the Dashavatara Temple at Deogarh shows the ornate Gupta style architecture….Dashavatara Temple, Deogarh.

Dashavatara Temple
Completed c. 500 CE

How can I get married in Bangalore?


  1. Collect 3 copies of the application form at the registrar office in your area or download here Forms to Download.
  2. Get 7 “2B” size photographs taken.
  3. Fill application form (all 3)
  4. Get signatures of 3 witnesses on all the 3 copies.
  5. Submit the following to the registrar office.

How can I book Arya Samaj marriage?

Six-step procedure for Arya Samaj registration

  1. Make an appointment at the sub-divisional magistrate’s office.
  2. Fill the registration form.
  3. Submit all the proofs and documents needed.
  4. Two passport size photographs of the bride and the groom along with a photograph of the marriage.

What is the most famous Hindu temple?

Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala. Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is the most famous Hindu temple in Kerala devoted to Lord Vishnu located in Thiruvananthapuram . The temple is one of 108 Divya Desams foremost centers of love of the divinity in Vaishnavism .

What is the most famous temple?

Borobudur is the largest and most famous Buddhist temple in the world. This famous Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, is located on the Indonesian island of Java, 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta .

How is Vishnu worshipped?

Mostly people worshipped him by offering him flowers , or incense, or food . Or they prayed to him or played music for him. People did not usually sacrifice animals to him, because by 300 BC animal sacrifice was going out of fashion. Why does Vishnu have blue skin?

What are Indian temples?

The City of 1000 Temples, Kanchipuram is one of the oldest cities in South India, and known for its ancient Hindu temples and silk sarees. The city contains several big temples like the Varadharaja Perumal Temple for Lord Vishnu and the Ekambaranatha Temple which is one of the five forms of abodes of Lord Siva .