Which is better Audi R8 or GTR?

Which is better Audi R8 or GTR?

CarWale brings you comparison of Audi R8 and Nissan GT-R….R8 vs GT-R Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights R8 GT-R
Engine Capacity 5204 cc 3799 cc
Power 533 bhp 565 bhp
Transmission Manual Automatic (Dual Clutch)
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Is a Audi R8 faster than a Lamborghini?

Those superior power specs lead to the Aventador Roadster’s equally superior performance numbers, as the convertible is able to hit 62 miles per hour half a second faster than the R8 Spyder while also going on to hit a max speed of 19 mph more.

Which car is better than Audi R8?

The V10 Plus’ most obvious rival is a relative newcomer: the ‘baby’ McLaren 570S. In most parts of the world (where the 540C isn’t available) it’s the cheapest McLaren, costing just over $5000 less than the range-topping R8.

Are GTR expensive to maintain?

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Routine maintenance For the GTR, this procedure costs around $200, not including the 5.28 quarts of oil ($9 per quart. Liberman’s GTR has had six oil changes thus far, costing a total of $1,600 without the oil. This costs $900 with the fluids.

What cars can a GTR beat?

10 Nissan GT-R Competitors to Consider

  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat.
  • Tesla Model S P100D.
  • BMW i8.
  • Jaguar F-Type SVR.
  • Lexus LC500.
  • Porsche 911 GT3.
  • Audi R8.
  • Mercedes-AMG GT R Coupe.

Is the Audi R8 a super car?

The Audi R8 is a true supercar that’s devastatingly fast, yet it’s as easy to drive as a TT. The Audi R8 is a supercar from a dying breed. As makers add turbochargers to their cars to meet ever-stricter emissions targets, the naturally aspirated engine is falling out of favour.

Which is better R8 or Huracan?

Elegant and aggressive, the 2018 Audi R8 is a sporty coupe that’s optimized for superb performance. The 2018 Lamborghini Huracan is a sleek sports car that has cool styling and racing-inspired capabilities. Both cars are powered by V10 engines, but the R8 has the slight edge in performance.

Is the Audi R8 a good investment?

The R8 happens to be a very easy to drive, comfortable exotic performer. As for its potential as an investment, obviously the V10 engine makes the R8 a potential collector’s car. Previous R8 models like your six-speed 2012 model have kept their value well, but the 911 also keeps its value.

What is faster than Audi R8?

While the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S is more powerful than the Audi R8 V10 Decennium, it’s also about 60 pounds heavier, Motor1 reports. However, that’s of little concern to the stopwatch. The 2021 911 Turbo S goes 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds, a full second faster than the R8 V10.