Where is the safe in Nibelheim mansion?

Where is the safe in Nibelheim mansion?

With the combination in hand [Right 36-Left 10-Right 59-Right 97], head for the only safe in the building, located in the far-left room on the second floor.

How do you unlock Vincent in ff7?

Vincent is a secret character that you can obtain from a small side quest in the Shinra Mansion. The quest involves discovering the combination to the vault on the second floor and it can be done the first time you reach Nibelheim (but not during the flashback scene with Sephiroth that occurs in Kalm).

Is Vincent Valentine in the ff7 remake?

Vincent Valentine has become one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy 7, despite the fact he was an optional character in the original game. It’s entirely possible that fans who played the first game before Final Fantasy 7 Remake had never seen Vincent.

Can you save Aeris in FF7 remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake has the chance to save Aerith’s life, but that would have major ramifications on the story, and not all of them are positive.

Did Cloud get Jenova cells?

Cloud defeats Sephiroth, and he fades while hinting at his return, leaving Kadaj to die. This makes Cloud the only known surviving product of Project S. Cloud, Shelke, Genesis, and Weiss thus bear the last known fragments of Jenova’s cells, either directly, or via the cells of Genesis or Sephiroth.

What is the safe combination for Dr Galvani’s office?

High Overseer Campbell/The Golden Cat Safe combination is: 287 . Dr. Galvani’s Journal in the bedroom nearby has the clues to come up with the combination for the doctor office safe solution.

Where is Luigi Galvani’s lockbox code in Dishonored?

Luigi Galvani – There are two seperate documents that provide the key to this riddle. The first “Note to staff about Dr. Galvani” indicates that his lockbox code is the most important day in his life. The second is Dr. Galvani’s Memoir, which can be found in several places in the game, including on the lower bed of the bunk beds near the lockboxes.

Where are the barracks safe combos in Dishonored?

Barracks safe in the Overseer ‘s base (Backyard map). The combo may be found either by saving a rogue Overseer’s sister accused of witchcraft; you find them in the alley past Holger’s Square, or you can read the notes in the mess hall (you may want to take out the napping Wolfhound first).

Where to find the code in Nibelheim Mansion?

Make sure not to go over any of the numbers or you will have to start over. 1. In the room with lots of plants and small oxygen tanks. Search to the right side to find the code 2. The room with the Piano. Go clockwise round the piano and search the opened section to find the code 3.