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Where is the police station in Lego City Undercover?

Where is the police station in Lego City Undercover?

Firstly, enter the police vehicle. Follow the green semi-transparent blocks that show you the way to your destination. Reach the police station.

What is the code in Lego City Undercover?

LEGO City Undercover Bonus Missions 3D74QF9. 3GCC7XR.

How do you get into the police chief’s office in Lego City Undercover?

On the last one, switch to your farmer disguise and chicken-glide to the chief’s office roof. Break through the hatch on the ceiling and drop down into the office, then crack the safe on the right-hand wall. Head back downstairs with the key to open the door to the final area.

How do you use the police whistle in Lego City Undercover?

Luckily, the residents of LEGO City are all very well trained. Run into the road, and hit the L Button, and any nearby traffic will immediately come to a halt at the sound of your whistle.

Where is the key card in Lego City?

There will be a keycard in the safe. You will be able to use it on the terminal in the left corner of the floor. Using the keycard will unlock a new passage to the upper floor. Cuff the two bandits you will find there and go to the right, where you should open the cell with the crowbar.

How do you get on top of Pappalardo’s?

After emerging from the vault, you’ll need to escape the Sentinels. Ride your bike to the waypoint and prepare to fight. Next, you’ll need to head to Pappalardo’s again, so hop back on your bike and ride over there. Once there, climb the large tank and hop along the thin poles to reach the roof.

How do you use the Tow Truck in Lego City Undercover Xbox one?

If you ever wanted to be a tow truck driver, then the Dragger is the vehicle for you. If you want to unlock it then you just need to build the Vehicle Call-In Point Superbuild located in Auburn, so make sure to save up before reaching this area.

How do you unlock Rex Fury astronaut?

Your reward for conquering all 20 districts in LEGO City is the character token for Rex Fury in his Astronaut suit.

Where do you enter codes in Lego City Undercover?

On the Extras screen, select ‘Enter Code’ and enter any and all codes for whichever Red Brick (s) you want to unlock, making sure to leave the last (7th) spot blank (achieved by pressing down once; this is the only slot to have a blank between ‘9’ and ‘A’). NOTE: This does NOT count towards your percentage of completion.

What are the missions in Lego City Undercover?

The one on the left is a Robbery Arrest mission, where you take the Justice car and chase a hoodlum. The one on the right is a Vehicle Stealing mission, where you use the Spirit red sports car. Successfully complete the bonus missions to unlock the vehicles that were used in the missions.

How to build a police car in Lego City?

The third: destroy a dispenser in the bottom right corner, then build a police car from its bricks and use it. Now, you must use the elevator to reach upper floor. Order some popcorn and get another brick. Then, you must pry open the door next to the elevator and take a crate from the room.

Where do you get gold bricks in police station?

In the police station you can find 10 Gold bricks and a shop in which you can buy additional 16 Gold bricks by spending Studs. They are additional elements that are required for completing the game in 100%. There are 3 bricks on the ground floor.