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Where is the model number on a Weber Genesis Gold grill?

Where is the model number on a Weber Genesis Gold grill?

Located on the inside of the tank panel on all grills.

What grill cover do I need?

The cover you choose will fit and perform better if it’s slightly larger (1-2 inches in total dimension) than the grill you are covering. We recommend your cover to be slightly shorter than the grill (height) to insure proper circulation underneath the cover.

Does the Weber grill come with a cover?

Currently, only our Smokey Mountain Cookers and Summit Built-In models come with covers. Covers are available as a separate accessory for our other model grills, and they can be found here.

What is the purpose of Flavorizer bars?

Every Weber Spirit, Genesis and Summit gas grill made today use Flavorizer Bars to direct grease and drippings away from the burner tubes, which cuts down on flare ups tremendously. An extra benefit of Flavorizer Bars is that they help add that “cooked on a grill” flavor to your food.

Is the Weber grill cover worth it?

Weber grill covers get good user rating from hundreds of buyers on They are tough but lightweight and are made from durable polyester fabric. Many people report using them for five or ten years without needing to replace them.

What is the best Weber gas grill?

Weber Genesis II 330 and 335. The Genesis II 330 and 335 are the best three burner natural gas grills Weber makes. The Weber Genesis II S 335 Natural Gas is the best of them all.

What are the dimensions of a Weber grill?

The following figures correspond to total cooking area. Weber portable grills range in size from 145 to 240 square inches. Weber electric grills range in size from 185 to 280 square inches. Weber charcoal grills range in size from 260 to 1,100 square inches.

What is Weber Genesis special edition?

The 2019 iGrill ready Weber Genesis II Special Edition gas grill is an upgraded version of the iconic Genesis II base model. As a proud Weber Alliance Dealer, we can offer you the Genesis II Special Edition, which is not available from most other Weber Grills dealers.