Where is the Kilombero District in Tanzania located?

Where is the Kilombero District in Tanzania located?

Kilombero District is a district in Morogoro Region, south-western Tanzania. The district is situated in a vast floodplain, between the Kilombero River in the south-east and the Udzungwa-Mountains in the north-west. On the other side of the Kilombero River, in the south-east, the floodplain is part of Ulanga District.

How to view Kilombero, Morogoro, Tanzania from different perspectives?

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Is there a way to view maps of Kilombero?

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What kind of people live in Kilombero District?

The area is predominantly rural with the semi-urban district headquarters Ifakara as major settlement. The majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers of maize and rice. There are large plantations of teak wood in the Kilombero and the neighbouring Ulanga districts.

What’s the population of Kailali District in Nepal?

At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Kailali District had a population of 775,709. Of these, 41.1% spoke Tharu, 27.8% Nepali, 18.7% Doteli, 6.2% Achhami, 1.4% Magar, 0.9% Maithili, 0.8% Hindi and 0.5% Bajureli as their first language.

What are the main agricultural products of Kailali District?

Paddy, wheat, vegetables, fruits and potatoes are the main agricultural products of the district. As Kailali district and the surrounding areas are considered rice basket of the region, the district has many large and well known food processing industries in the area.