Where is the Banff Film Festival?

Where is the Banff Film Festival?

Banff2019, 2018, 2017.
Banff Mountain Film Festival/Event locations

How long is the Banff Mountain Film Festival?

From this selection a program of over 2 hours of thought-provoking films, with subject matter ranging from remote landscapes and cultures to adrenaline-packed action sports are selected to tour Australia each April, May and June.

How do I watch the Banff Film Festival?

Banff Mountain Festival App Curated by the team behind the most prestigious mountain festival in the world, the official festival app is now available for download on iOS and Android app stores!

What elevation is Banff?

1,383 m

The Setting. The Banff townsite covers 3.93 square kilometres (2.5 square miles) and has an elevation of 1,383 metres (4,537 feet) making it the highest town in Canada.

What language is spoken in Banff?

Language. With around 300 languages spoken in America and Canada, English and French have always been the main languages in Banff, and most signposts and tourist leaflets in the townsite display both. Canadian English is widely spoken in Banff and is based very much upon British English, with many unique expressions.

Do I need passport to go to Banff?

A: As of January 2007 valid Passports are required for all visitors to Canada – this is the same for U.S. citizens who previously were able to enter sans Passport.

Do you need 4wd in Banff in winter?

The short answer is no, a 4×4 is not needed to drive from Calgary to Banff or from Banff to a Banff-area ski hill in the winter.

What to see at Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival?

Don’t miss our carefully curated World Tour programs and Festival offerings including the best films of the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival Competition. Enjoy stories of remote journeys, ground-breaking expeditions, and cutting-edge adventures told through the eyes of filmmakers from around the globe. Available on multiple devices. View All ›

When do the new Banff films come out?

Join us online each month for a new program of award-winning films from 2018, 2019, and 2020 Festivals. Catch up on missed films or re-live some of the best that Banff has to offer.

How to plan a visit to Banff National Park?

Plan your visit to Banff National Park, home of the Festival! Find out more about Banff. For questions about your local screening, including tickets and film programs, please contact the local host organiser. Contact information can be found on the Tour Locations pages.