Where is the Allatoona dam?

Where is the Allatoona dam?

Allatoona dam is located at the base of the Etowah River and approximately a mile off of Interstate 75. It is roughly 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Is Allatoona dam open?

Enjoy pristine hiking trails and picnic areas. The Corps of Engineers Visitor Center at the top of the dam portrays regional history and natural resources. Open daily year-round.

Can you walk across Allatoona dam?

Lake Allatoona Dam is a pretty cool place to visit. The walk from the Project Management Office up to the dam overlook is an easy walk. (If I can walk it, you could skip and run all the way.) The views from the top of the dam are spectacular.

Is lake Acworth clean?


Can you swim in Lake Allatoona?

A camp playground and swimming area offer fun and relaxation just 45 minutes from Atlanta. Campers appreciate the well-maintained park atmosphere with showers, laundry facilities and boat dock. Swim at Bartow Beach.

How many dead bodies are in Lake Allatoona?

Between 2015 and 2018, Lake Allatoona tallied only 16 lake-related deaths, most of them drownings. One of the lake’s most recent drownings was in September 2020, when a 34-year-old Armuchee man drowned while swimming in Flamingo Cove.

How big is Allatoona?

48.6 km²
Lake Allatoona/Area

Are there trout in Lake Allatoona?

Allatoona Lake is the largest of 11 public fishing areas including trout streams in Bartow County. The lake offers great fishing for all ages and skill levels. The lower Etowah River, below Allatoona dam is well-known for striped bass and spotted bass.

Is Bartow Beach Open?

Bartow Beach is located at Gatewood Park, 224 Bartow Beach Road, Cartersville. Open season is typically May-Labor Day and hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM-6 PM, Sunday 1-6 PM; and open on Memorial Day Monday only 10 AM-6 PM. Admission is $4 per car.

Are there alligators in Lake Acworth?

Fortunately, swimmers do not have to worry about the presence of alligators in the lake’s waters. Lake Allatoona is above the fall line. A fall line is where elevation changes rapidly, and as a result, alligators cannot travel past these points.

Why is Lake Acworth drained?

Lake Acworth is typically drained the last weekend in September and is dependent on rainfall as to when it fills back up. The reason the lake is drained is to assist in the annual Great Lake Clean Up. How big is Lake Acworth? Lake Acworth is a 260 acre lake.