Where is sorghum grown in Africa?

Where is sorghum grown in Africa?

southern Africa Areas of greater concentration of sorghum production include much of north central, northwestern and western Ethiopia; the eastern mid-altitude area of Ethiopia; the area to the east of Lake Victoria in Kenya and Tanzania; Rwanda; central Tanzania; and northern and eastern Uganda.

Which state is the largest producer of sorghum?

Kansas produced the highest volume of sorghum for grain of any U.S. state, according to a 2020 report. In that year, some 238 million bushels of sorghum for grain were produced in Kansas.

What are the leading producers of sorghum?

The United States was the largest producer of sorghum in the world in 2020 followed by Nigeria and Ethiopia. The United States and Nigeria accounted for roughly 26% of the world’s sorghum in 2020. Sixteen (16) countries produced one million metric tons or more of sorghum in 2020 including Mali and Cameroon.

In which state sorghum is produced?


State Area (000′ ha) Production (000’t)
Madhya Pradesh 575.0 285.9
Tamil Nadu 165.0 193.9
Uttar Pradesh 248.0 184.0

How is sorghum harvested?

Grain sorghum is harvested with a combine using a grain header with rigid cutterbar, a flex header in the rigid position or a row crop header. Guards that help pick up heads are recommended if heads are drooping or stalks are lodged.

Where is sorghum originated from?

Northeastern Africa
HISTORY OF SORGHUM The origin and early domestication of sorghum took place in Northeastern Africa.

What is sorghum production?

Sorghum is locally called guinea-corn or dawa, the most widely cultivated cereal crop and the most important food crop in the Savanna areas of Nigeria. Nigeria is the second largest producer of sorghum, grown on about 5.9 million ha with current annual production estimated to be about 6.7 million tonnes.

Where is sorghum most popular?

Of the 21 sorghum-producing states, the top five in 2020 were:

  • Kansas — 3 million acres.
  • Texas — 1.8 million acres.
  • Colorado — 370,000 acres.
  • Oklahoma — 305,000 acres.
  • South Dakota — 210,000 acres.

How is sorghum made?

Sorghum syrup is made from the green juice of the sorghum plant, which is extracted from the crushed stalks and then heated to steam off the excess water leaving the syrup behind. Sugar cane is stripped of its leaves and the juice is extracted from the cane by crushing or mashing.

Where does sorghum grow?

Where is grain sorghum grown in the U.S.? Sorghum is traditionally grown throughout the Sorghum Belt, which runs from South Dakota to Southern Texas, primarily on dryland acres. Sorghum farmers had another strong year in 2020, harvesting an average of 73.2 bushels per acre.

Where is sorghum grown in Tanzania?

The major growing regions include Dodoma, Singida, Simiyu, Shinyanga, Tabora, and Mwanza, which together produce 50% of the country’s commercial sorghum output. The planting session in these areas commence from mid-November to February. Local varieties are planted by most smallholder farmers due to their affordability.