Where is Haramain high speed rail in Saudi Arabia?

Where is Haramain high speed rail in Saudi Arabia?

Haramain High-speed is the 450-kilometre high-speed rail link between the major Saudi Arabian cities of Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and KAEC.

Which is the first high speed train in Jeddah?

As the first high-speed electric train in the region, the Haramain High-Speed Railway spans over 450km, connecting five stations across Makkah, Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Abdullah Economic City and Madinah. The railway was inaugurated by King Salman on Sep. 24, 2018.

When was the Haramain train station in Jeddah inaugurated?

The railway was inaugurated by King Salman on Sep. 24, 2018. The project is in line with the objectives of the Vision 2030 reform plans, the main goal of which is to increase the number of pilgrims and visitors to the holy places.

When was fire at Haramain high speed railway?

The fire erupted at 12:35pm on Monday according to the Haramain High-Speed Railway’s Twitter account. The Makkah governorate said that all train services were suspended until further notice and it urged passengers with tickets to call 920004433 for any settlements and inquiries.

How many bridges are there on Haramain high speed railway?

Dar Al-handasah work on the HHSR incorporates one cut-and-cover tunnel, 46 rail bridges, 9 wadi bridges, and 5 rail underpasses, 53 vehicular overpasses, 30 vehicular underpasses, 12 camel crossings, 5 stations, and 3 depots to allow the rail to fulfil the needs of its users.

Where is the high speed rail in the Philippines?

METRO PACIFIC Investments Corp. (MPIC) is considering bidding for a 120-kilometer high-speed rail project that will link the Metro Manila and Clark Freeport airports, a Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) official said on Friday.

What are the chandeliers on Haramain high speed rail?

Spherical chandeliers, suspended between the arches, provide focused lighting, mediating between the scale of the roof and concourse level and accentuating the rhythm of the structure.