Where do they drop the possum?

Where do they drop the possum?

Ever since the early 1990s, residents of Andrews, N.C. have lowered a live possum on New Year’s Eve as the “redneck response” to the Times Square ball drop in New York City.

Is the possum drop real?

But a North Carolina community’s interesting version of the ball drop featured a living, breathing opossum. The people of Clay County, North Carolina, had been lowering a live opossum instead of a regular ball since 1990. But now, the Possum Drop is officially over.

Can you shoot a possum in Georgia?

In Georgia and many other states opossums are considered a game animal and thus have regulations pertaining to their harvest through hunting and trapping.

What do possum droppings look like?

Most opossum droppings are around 3/4 of an inch in diameter and taper off at the ends. Opossum feces are roughly one to two inches in length, smooth on the sides, and may have white or yellowish mold growing on the outer casings. Otherwise, opossum droppings are brown in color.

What is a live possum drop?

The Possum Drop is any one of several New Year’s Day celebrations in which a possum is lowered from height at midnight. In contrast to other events of its kind, which typically involve replicas, a “possum drop” uses a live animal as its prop.

Is there a possum day?

In 1982, a resolution was passed to recognize the first Saturday of August as the state’s Possum Day, which has become an iconic annual celebration. A possum parade, an auction, and a contest to crown a Possum King and Queen are some of the most popular events.

Are possums protected in Georgia?

Possums will be possums. You cannot do anything to change the fact. Although considered protected animals, they are still pests when it comes to our home.

Is it legal to own a opossum in Georgia?

By Georgia Law, most native species of wildlife cannot be held without permits or licenses. These licenses are not issued for the purpose of holding native wildlife as pets.

Where do Possums sleep?

>> Virginia opossums are nocturnal (most active at night). They sleep during the day in a den in a hollow tree or in an abandoned rodent burrow.

How do you scare a possum away?

Possums are repelled by the stench of garlic, ammonia and mothballs. So go ahead and scatter those around where you think possums might hang out. Garlic works best when it’s crushed. If you decide to use ammonia, be careful!

Are there possums in North Carolina?

The opossum is the only native North Carolina mar- supial and has other traits and adaptations not found in other animals. The Virginia opossum has been present in North Carolina since the Pleistocene period, and it probably evolved from Didel- phis marsupialis, which is still present in Mexico and Central America.

What is possum day?

They are found in Australia and are very distant relatives of opossums—they are actually more closely related to kangaroos.) The Possum Festival started in 1970. In 1982, a resolution was passed to recognize the first Saturday of August as the state’s Possum Day, which has become an iconic annual celebration.

Why was there a possum drop in Brasstown NC?

Clay Logan, a native of Clay County, began the odd celebration in hopes of giving his hometown of Brasstown something fun to do to salute the new year – without having to leave home, Emily Malin, a town administrator for nearby Andrews, told CNN.

Is the Possum Drop still going on in Georgia?

These celebrations, along with a rasslin’ competition, will continue despite the end of the Possum Drop. In Tallapoosa, Georgia, Local businessman Danny Welch organizes the annual event. Update December 2020: The New Year’s Eve Celebration to ring in 2021 has been canceled due to the COVID 19 Virus.

Is there a possum drop on New Years Eve?

Instead of a Possum Drop, the town will be celebrating New Year’s Eve with a wrestling match and a womanless beauty pageant – no animals involved. “As long as we have some kind of event going on, people are happy,” said Malin.

Who was the lawyer for the Possum Drop?

“It took years of lawsuits by PETA and appeals to state officials by concerned citizens, but ‘Possum Drop’ organizers may finally be leaving opossums in peace and ringing in the new decade in a compassionate way,” PETA lawyer Martina Bernstein said in a statement to CNN.