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Where can I get wood pellets delivered to my home?

Where can I get wood pellets delivered to my home?

All deliveries are subject to product & truck availability Wood Pellets, Envi Blocks, Energy Logs & Anthracite Coal delivered in MA, CT, RI.* Direct Delivery to Your Home! Pellets Direct™ ease of ordering and quick efficient delivery will save you time and money! Don’t Get Caught Short on Your Heating Supplies.

When do pellets direct deliver in New England?

*Delivery areas may be limited August thru the Heating Season. [ Pellets Direct Home] [Anthracite Coal] [Wood Pellets] [Envi Blocks & Wood Logs] [ Placing an Order ] [ Uxbridge Pick Up C & C] [ Delivery Area ] [ Contact Us]

When to get CT pellets early bird specials?

EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Be the first to receive CT Pellet’s Spectacular Savings! Click For More Information

How long has pellets direct been in business?

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold!!! With over 25 years experience in the wood pellet and alternative heating fuels industry the staff at Pellets Direct strives to supply you with the best quality products available today. Our delivery network using state of the art equipment strives to place your product in the most convenient place for you.

Which is the best brand of wood pellets?

In 2020 Home Depot (H/D) went to a different company for wood pellets (per their employee), the brand is Lignetics-Green-Supreme (not named on their website), this brand claims to be Premium Wood Pellets. H/D typically sells them by the skid (pallet) although you can buy by the Each.

How is wood pellet fuel good for the environment?

Wood pellet fuel is environmentally-friendly and produces very little ash or smoke, leaving you with a just clean burning fire. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.

How are wood pellets used in a smoker?

The pellets are ignited, and a fan circulates air, heat and smoke to cook your food. The wood pellets pull double duty as both a fuel source and as smoker pellets, imparting the flavor of the wood for delicious food. Wood pellets are also an easy cleanup as, compared to charcoal, they produce very little ash.