Where can I find turkeys in Colorado?

Where can I find turkeys in Colorado?

Identifying Mountain Habitat The open canopies allow for easy access in contrast to a closed-canopy spruce. The trees become the nighttime roost for turkeys, which have poor nighttime vision. Mountain forests in Colorado provide acorns, berries and insects that Merriam’s like.

What do I need to turkey hunt in Colorado?

PROPER IDENTIFICATION and PROOF of residency (for Colorado residents). PROOF of hunter education. HABITAT STAMP: A 2021 ($10.40) or lifetime ($312.30) Habitat Stamp is required prior to buying a license for anyone ages 18–64. NOTE: A Social Security number is required for hunters age 12 and older.

Can you hunt turkeys in Colorado?

In Colorado, over-the-counter turkey hunting licenses are easily purchased and affordable, public access and hunting grounds are readily available, and the adrenaline rush of hearing a turkey gobble is second to none.

Where is the best place to hunt turkeys?

Best Turkey Hunting States for 2021

  • Montana: Best State for Resident Turkey Hunters.
  • Nebraska: Best State for Archery Hunting.
  • New Hampshire: Best State for A Passing-Through Hunt.
  • Tennessee: Best State for ‘Turkeys in Every Field’
  • Wisconsin: Best State for Getting in the ‘Turkey Zone’

How many wild turkeys are in Colorado?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimates the state is home to around 35,000 turkeys, and the population is thriving so much that there is a hunting season, though, not at the ELC. The birds can be found in 53 of the state’s 64 counties.

Do you have to wear orange when hunting turkey in Colorado?

When traveling to a hunting location, transporting decoys or a harvested bird, wear hunter orange (a vest or hat). In the spring turkey season, a bird must have a visible beard.

What do wild turkeys eat in Colorado?

Food: Turkeys will eat on many different foods, especially grain, seeds, nuts, insects, snails, slugs, berries and fruit. Mature oak trees can provide nuts, and a ground feeding area with cracked corn or mixed birdseed is great for turkeys.

Are there wild turkeys in Colorado?

​CPW and its partners launched an aggressive reintroduction program in the 1980s and since then Colorado’s turkey population has surged to more than 35,000. The abundant birds are now found in the majority of Colorado counties.

Can you hunt turkey with a rifle in Colorado?

These are generally more difficult to locate. Hunting methods vary between spring and fall, and so do methods of take. Rifles are not legal during spring seasons, whereas some fall turkey hunting units allow the use of rifles. Read the 2015 Colorado Turkey brochure.

What time of day is best to hunt turkey?

General Weather Conditions: As a general rule of thumb, turkeys are most active during calm, clear days in morning and early afternoon hours. Turkey activity generally decreases with bad weather conditions including wind and rain.

Where do turkeys hang out during the day?

Preseason scouting likely uncovered a few select, shady areas adjacent to field edges and feeding zones. Turkeys congregate here to escape the midday heat. Turkeys also spend the midday hours dusting. If you find a location with this combination, mark a waypoint on your GPS.

Where do wild turkeys live in Colorado?

Wild turkeys can be found just west of Fort Collins in Lory State Park and the foothills around Rist Canyon. The turkeys also can be seen in the Greeley and Windsor areas and now Fort Collins along the Poudre River. Colorado is home to two subspecies of wild turkeys.

Colorado is home to two subspecies of wild turkey: the native Merriam’s and the Rio Grande, which was introduced to the state in 1980. The Merriam’s wild turkey is primarily found in open meadows and in ponderosa, oak brush and pinion juniper stands in mountainous zones west of Interstate 25.

When is Turkey season in Colorado?

With spring turkey hunting season fast approaching, we dedicated some radio show segments the past few weeks to covering the phenomenal growth that Colorado has experienced in this increasingly popular outdoor activity. Turkey season runs from April 8 to May 21.

When is spring turkey in Colorado?

The spring turkey season runs April 13 through May 26, and some 12,000 hunters will take to the fields and woods in Colorado as part of one of the fastest growing hunting sports in the United States. Colorado hunters pursue turkeys on both private and public land during the 44-day spring season.