Where can I find Curaga in Bravely Default?

Where can I find Curaga in Bravely Default?

It can be bought in Grandship for 6400 pg starting in chapter 5. The spell is used by Holly Whyte and by Victor S.

Where do I get holy Bravely Default?

It can be bought in Caldisla and Chompshire for 12800 pg. Holly uses the spell when fought in the second loop of the game.

Is Bravely Default 2 connected to Bravely Default?

Bravely Default II is the third game in the Bravely series, following the original game Bravely Default and its sequel Bravely Second: End Layer. While Second was a direct story continuation from the original, Default II features a new story and cast of characters.

What is restorative power Bravely Default?

During the daytime, restorative power, aim and luck are increased, and 4% of MP is restored each turn. Restore some of a target’s/multiple targets’ HP. Cure a target of poison, blindness, silence, sleep, paralysis, contagion, freezing and daubing.

How do you get reflect Bravely Default?

It can be bought in Hartschild for 1600 pg. Holly Whyte and Sage Yulyana both use the spell the last time each is fought, group-casting it on both their own party and the player’s party to protect themselves and disrupt their enemies.

Where is Chompshire in bravely second?

Chompshire. Chompshire is a location in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is a hidden location in the center of a small peninsula directly south of the Yulyana Woods Needleworks in the Yulyana Region. There is an owl-like humanoid creature that, when spoken to, will offer to change the names of the party characters.

Is Pictomancer good Bravely Default 2?

Pictomancer Overview With very helpful abilities, excellent passives and having both the option of being an offensive presence, as well as a support pillar in the team, this is a class that can pretty much do everything. Not only that, but Pictomancers can do very well in any type of combination with other Jobs.

Is red mage a good job Bravely Default?

Red Mage is the jack of all trades when it comes to magic. They can use both Black and White Magic, but can only get each to level 4 out of 6. They gain BP in many ways, though, and their support abilities are great for Job that use a lot of BP.

When do you get all the side quests in Bravely Default?

You will find out rather quickly when you get towards the end of Bravely Default that completing side quests are just as important as completing the game. Each one of these side quests unlocks a job you can use with your characters.

Can you have two jobs in Bravely Default?

Remember, you can technically have two jobs assigned to a character—one with a job command—the other with support abilities and/or fixed command. The beauty is you can customize each character uniquely and slaughter foes in ways only you can imagine. This guide covers all the side quests that grant you every optional job in the game.

Where do you speak to lady matriarch in Bravely Default?

If you’re using a Spell Fencer or Dark Mage, you’ll deal moderate to great damage. When she summons her beast, Girtablulu, look out—it draws between 300 to 500 (or more) damage on your party. Keep a turn for your healer and raise some BP to prepare for this. Speak to Lady Matriarch in Florem Plaza after you complete the Temple of Water.

Where do you get water in Bravely Default?

Speak to the man at the well nearby, who mentions the Oasis. Exit town and head to the Oasis, just west of Ancheim. You will meet a townsperson looking for water there. Afterward, chase after the thieves west of the Oasis.