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Where can I Check my IMEI number?

Where can I Check my IMEI number?

Another easy way to find the IMEI number is to navigate through “Settings” and tap “About Phone” to check the IMEI code of your Android phone. In most cases, the IMEI number exists on the reverse side of a phone, or underneath the removable battery.

Where to find IMEI on PC?

– Settings: Open Settings > General > About and scroll down to the bottom to see all the info. This is the most reliable and easiest way of finding your device’s true IMEI number. – iTunes: The IMEI can be found in iTunes sync on your computer, but it’s a little hidden.

How to check IMEI in any iPhone or iPad?

Open the Browser

  • Go to
  • which is used on the Locked Device.
  • Now enter credentials and proceed.
  • and tap it
  • and you will see the IMEI number of that device.
  • That’s it.
  • How to check IMEI number in Tecno W1?

    Finding TECNO W1 IMEI. Unlock the screen and open the phone’s dialer. Type in the following secret code: *#06#. As a result you should see the window with IMEI Number.

    How to check iPhone IMEI is blacklisted?

    [Solution] How to Check if your iPhone is IMEI Blacklisted Check for your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your iPhone,… Go to , and enter the IMEI number in… The process of checking the status of your IMEI will take a few minutes before… See More….

    How to check the IMEI and unlock status of iPhone?

    Go to the official iPhone IMEI checker. Enter the exact IMEI code, hit ‘Enter’. It may take a while for the servers to check your IMEI number. When the process ends, you’ll get the status of the unlock along with some additional information.

    Is my iPhone unlocked IMEI?

    How To Check If Your Phone Is Unlocked With IMEI iPhone. To begin, you first have to know what your iPhone’s IMEI number is. Android. Same as above, you’ll also need to be aware of your Android device’s IMEI number in order to proceed. Online IMEI Checker. Checking Per Carrier.

    What is the IMEI number iPhone?

    IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. It’s a 14 to 16 digits long number and it’s unique for every iPhone and it’s the identification of your device. The IMEI is much like a Social Security Number, but for phones.

    How do I unlock iCloud lock?

    So read on to find out how to unlock iCloud locked iPhone using the quick method: Step 1: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Step 2: Remove the DNS settings and enter a new one according to your location: Step 3: Tap ‘Back’, and then go to ‘Activation Help.’ Step 1: Go to Menu > Applications > Crash. Step 2: Select the language and country.

    How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

    Another way to determine whether your phone is unlocked is by inserting a SIM card from another carrier and seeing if you can make a call. If your call successfully connects, then your phone is unlocked and should work with other SIM cards.