Where are Evolve Skateboards manufactured?

Where are Evolve Skateboards manufactured?

Fast forward several years and he’s now the owner of Evolve Skateboards, which turned over $14 million dollars last year. The Gold Coast-based business manufactures its boards in its own dedicated factory in China, and has distribution deals in the US and Europe.

Are evolve skateboards good?

Despite the remote’s shortcomings, the GTX Bamboo’s ride comfort and acceleration are actually pretty good. The Bamboo GTX has a top speed of 26 mph (2 mph more than the Boosted Stealth), so you’re well on your way to breaking city speed limits.

Who owns evolve skateboards?

founder Jeff Anning
Evolve Skateboards founder Jeff Anning doesn’t like to mess around – unless it’s on one of his award winning high performance electric longboards.

How much does a evolve skateboard cost?

Evolve Carbon GT – $1,999 Evolve is like the champagne of electric skateboards. The Carbon GT offers two different wheel sets. You can buy street wheels or all-terrain wheels. Or buy them both with the board for $2,249.

Where is evolve headquarters?

Evolve is headquartered in Airdrie, Canada and has 7 office locations across 2 countries.

How fast do evolve skateboards go?

Street Mode allows you to go as fast as 26 mph (42 km/h) for up to 31 miles (50 km) – that’s the real-world riding range per charge, says Evolve. In All-Terrain Mode and fitted with the larger wheels, the board can do a top speed of 22 mph (36 km/h) and offer a max range of 19 miles (30 km).

Are evolve boards safe?

This board is dangerous to you and people around you, its simply NOT SAFE. Helmet may protect you, but will not help someone thats close to you when this board decides go berserk. I would recommend everyone to STAY AWAY from Evolve boards.

When did evolve skateboards start?

Jeff Anning, a keen surfer and skateboarder, founded Evolve Skateboards in 2012 with his wife Fleur after being dissatisfied by the performance of motorised boards offered on the market.

How do I contact evolve?

For any Evolve or Pageburst related inquires or requests please contact Evolve Support: Phone (toll free): +1 800 222 9570 or you can submit an Evolve Support ticket.

Is the Evolve Stoke waterproof?

In testing, the board held up quite well to instances of water. However due to the greater issue that comes with wet conditions – slippery surfaces – we have decided not to state waterproofing a priority feature in our design. A greater priority to Evolve is safe use of our boards.

What makes evolve the best skateboarding company in the world?

Evolve was born out of one man’s passion to revolutionise the industry. 13 years on we have the largest network of customer service and support centres spanning more than 50 countries. We know you want fast and friendly support so we’re the only e-skate company that has global flagship stores with regular community events.

Which is the only electric skateboard company in the world?

Evolve Skateboards is proud to be the only electric skateboard company with a global network of sales and support centres. When you choose Evolve you’re not only supporting local business but getting fast and friendly service where and when you need it.

How long does it take to learn electric skateboarding?

Electric skateboarding is fun, easy to learn and fast growing in popularity around the world. Great for all ages, it only takes 15 minutes to pick up the basics. We carefully fuse performance inspired design with the latest tech to give you the ultimate ride.