Where are all the fairies in the Great Bay Temple?

Where are all the fairies in the Great Bay Temple?

Great Bay Temple

  • Stray Fairy #1 – In the first room of the dungeon.
  • Stray Fairy #2 – In the second room of the dungeon.
  • Stray Fairy #3 – In the second room there is a skulltula at the southwest corner of the room on the higher ledge.
  • Stray Fairy #4 – In the large central chamber with the spinning platforms.

Where can I find fairies in Majora’s Mask?

Majora’s Mask

Location Fairy Color Reward
Laundry Pool East Clock Town Orange Magic Power Great Fairy Mask
Woodfall Temple (MM) Snowhead Temple (MM3D) Pink Super Spin Attack
Snowhead Temple (MM) Woodfall Temple (MM3D) Green Doubled Magic Meter
Great Bay Temple Violet Enhanced Defense

How many fairies are in woodfall Temple?

fifteen fairies
These rewards aid Link in his journey, so it’s good to take the time to fairy hunt. There are fifteen fairies in the Woodfall Temple. Players can get them in any order, but this guide details the easiest route.

How do I get to Snowhead Temple?

Go clockwise around the mountain ramp. There is no need to roll up this ramp. If any snowballs get in your way, just punch them as a Goron, or stand to the side so that you aren’t in their way. At the very top of the ramp, you find the entrance to the Snowhead Temple.

Where is the water Temple in Majora’s Mask?

The Great Bay Temple
The Great Bay Temple is the third temple in Majora’s Mask, located off the coastline in an impenetrable tornado. The Great Bay Temple contains more puzzle-type situations than previous temples. Before you head through the first door, be sure to light all the torches to make Stray Fairy #1 appear.

What happens in Snowhead Temple in majora’s mask?

Snowhead Temple is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Entrance to the temple itself is blocked by a fell wind that deters all who would proceed, which is being caused by an invisible Biggoron, who acts as the temple guard under the order of the Goron Elder.

Where to find stray Fairy in Snowhead Temple?

You can also spot Stray Fairy #2 in a bubble next to one of the ice enemies on the side of the wall. Go through the blue door to the left, and then turn right and go down a set of stairs. If you are wearing the Goron Mask, you will be able to walk over the lava here.

Where is the Snowhead Temple in Legend of Zelda?

The temple is found in the arctic, hazardous northernmost zone of Snowhead, at the top of an ice formation. It is protected by an invisible, giant Goron, who blows a blizzard to protect it.

Where are all the stray fairies in majora’s mask?

Location of Fairy Fountain: After you collect all 15 Stray Fairies in the temple, you need to return them to the Fairy Fountain. The fountain in woodfall is located not far from the location where you played the Sonata of Awakening. It is against the wall in a large cave that you need to use the launchers to get to.