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When would you use the backhand topspin?

When would you use the backhand topspin?

A backhand topspin is more consistent attacking shot compared to a backhand drive, because the spin lifts the ball over the net and brings it back down the other side. This means you can attack balls which are very low, something which is difficult to do with a drive shot.

What means topspin?

topspin. / (ˈtɒpˌspɪn) / noun. sport spin imparted to make a ball bounce or travel exceptionally far, high, or quickly, as by hitting it with a sharp forward and upward strokeCompare backspin.

What is topspin volleyball?

Beverly Oden. Updated May 14, 2018. In volleyball, a topspin serve does exactly what its name implies—it spins rapidly forward from the top. The server tosses the ball a little higher than normal, strikes the ball toward the top of the back in a downward and outward motion and then follows through with their swing.

What is backhand drive?

The backhand drive is one of the four basic table tennis strokes. The backhand drive is an attacking stroke played with a small amount of topspin. It is a drive shot and not a topspin loop! The backhand drive is played against long or medium length topspin or float balls.

When should you use a backhand in table tennis?

You’d normally play a backhand drive close to the table when your opponent’s return is a little high. Players who are good are driving, can attack topspin, no-spin and light backspin balls. Against low balls with heavy backspin, you should play a backhand topspin vs backspin stroke.

Where to do backhand topspin in table tennis?

Backhand topspin is performed in front of your body. To do it properly, you need to drop your racket down and folding your abdomen. The advantage of backhand topspin is the speed. It’s not as powerful as the forehand attack, but with a backhand drive or backhand attack, you can control the pace of the game.

What are the advantages of the topspin backhand?

The topspin backhand offers several advantages to tennis players. One of the advantages is the high net clearance resulting to lower margin of error. The topspin backhand has the also capacity to surprise your opponent especially if you have a weak backhand stroke that your opponent does expect a good backhand shot from you.

How to prepare for a topspin backhand shot?

The topspin backhand shot ready position begins with the initial split step when your body faces the net. Then hold and support your racket (at the throat) with your non-dominant hand. Stand with your knees slightly bent and your upper body slightly bent forward.

Which is the best grip for two handed topspin?

The grips for the two handed topspin backhand can vary, but the most common grip is with the Continental on your top or right hand (if you are right handed player) and the Eastern grip continental grip on your bottom or left hand.