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What were the consequences of the French Revolution?

What were the consequences of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution had a great and far-reaching impact that probably transformed the world more than any other revolution. Its repercussions include lessening the importance of religion; rise of Modern Nationalism; spread of Liberalism and igniting the Age of Revolutions.

What are the causes and consequences of French Revolution Class 9?

Causes of the French Revolution: Despotic rule of Louis XVI: He became the ruler of France in 1774. He had drained the financial resources of France in wars. Division of French society: The French society was divided into three estates; first, second and third estates, respectively.

What really caused the French Revolution?

Although scholarly debate continues about the exact causes of the Revolution, the following reasons are commonly adduced: (1) the bourgeoisie resented its exclusion from political power and positions of honour; (2) the peasants were acutely aware of their situation and were less and less willing to support the …

What are the main causes of revolution?

There are five elements that create an unstable social equilibrium: economic or fiscal strain, alienation and opposition among the elites, widespread popular anger at injustice, a persuasive shared narrative of resistance, and favorable international relations.

What are the consequences of French Revolution Class 9?

The Revolution led to the establishment of a democratic government for the first time in Europe. Feudalism as an institution was buried by the Revolution, and the Church and the clergy were brought under State control. It led to the eventual rise of Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of France.

What were the immediate consequences of French Revolution in France?

The immediate impact of the French Revolution was the death of thousands of aristocrats on the guillotine, the desecration of many Catholic cathedrals and churches and the abolishment of religion, and the establishment of a republic in 1792 after the arrest of the King at the Royal Palais.

What are the causes of revolution?

Revolutions have both structural and transient causes; structural causes are long-term and large-scale trends that undermine existing social institutions and relationships and transient causes are contingent events, or actions by particular individuals or groups, that reveal the impact of longer term trends and often …

What was the main cause of the French revolution essay?

[1] The French revolution occurred for various reasons, including poor economic policies, poor leadership, an exploitative political- and social structures. The political causes of the French revolution included the autocratic monarchy, bankruptcy and extravagant spending of royals.

What were the 4 long term causes of the French revolution?

The long term causes of the French revolution can be identified as: weak leadership, presence of the enlightenment, the American War of Independence, and the structure of French society.To begin with, Louis XVI has traditionally been viewed as a weak leader.

What are the consequences of revolution?

The Revolution also unleashed powerful political, social, and economic forces that would transform the new nation’s politics and society, including increased participation in politics and governance, the legal institutionalization of religious toleration, and the growth and diffusion of the population, particularly …

What are three major causes of the French Revolution?

The three most important causes of the French Revolution were the bad economy and unfair taxes paid by the Third Estate , lack of voice and rights, and the idea of enlightenment and the inspiration of the American Revolution. The revolution led to the execution of the king and queen of France,…

What were the negative effects of the French Revolution?

Negative outcomes of french revolution. Total collapse of the economy, finances, and capital. Hyperinflation devastated the economy, and country had to default on obligations and debt.

What factors led to the French Revolution?

There are several factors that led to the French Revolution which were the old regime, Enlightenment ideas, economic troubles, and weak leadership.

Why did French Revolution start?

Why Did the French Revolution Start In 1789? In 1789 France was at an all time low with crises from economical to political. Many reasons could have caused the revolution and most of them are because of the monarchy and its rules . The economical structure was also very poor and a lot of debt angered a lot of people.