What was The Vietnam War documentary on Netflix?

What was The Vietnam War documentary on Netflix?

The Vietnam War (TV series) The Vietnam War is a 10-part American television documentary series about the Vietnam War written by Geoffrey C. Ward and directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

Is the documentary Vietnam on Netflix?

Anyway, like I said, The Vietnam War is streaming on Netflix. Watch all 18 hours of it. Or watch a few episodes.

Is The Vietnam War Ken Burns on Netflix?

If you’re looking for a new Netflix binge (or just something to talk to your dad about at the Fourth of July gathering), then you will be pleased to know that the in-depth documentary The Vietnam War has just landed on the streaming service.

Where can I watch Ken Burns Vietnam series?

You can stream the episodes through PBS SoCal and the PBS app after the series debut. Streaming services will also have the documentary available for viewing on your favorite device (including smartphone, tablet or computer browser) for $49.99. Support PBS SoCal and purchase it here.

How many episodes of the Vietnam War are there?

The Vietnam War/Number of episodes

How can I watch the Ken Burns Hemingway documentary?

One of the best ways is via the PBS Documentaries Amazon Prime Video Channel. That’ll get you all three episodes of the documentary — “A Writer,” which covers 1899 to 1929; “The Avatar,” which hits 1929 to 1944, and “The Blank Page,” which finds Hemingway from 1944 to 1961.

Where can I watch Ken Burns online for free?

Now, PBS LearningMedia is bringing Burns’s educational spirit to housebound students and teachers across the nation with a new “Ken Burns in the Classroom” digital hub, where you can watch a number of his docuseries for free.

Did Netflix remove the Vietnam War documentary?

“Following a written legal demand from the Vietnamese regulator, we have removed the licensed series, Pine Gap, from Netflix in Vietnam, to comply with local law,” Netflix said in an emailed statement. “It remains available on our service in the rest of the world.”

Where can I find Ken Burns documentaries?

That’s right, PBS is poised to make everything Ken Burns has ever made, from 1981’s Brooklyn Bridge to 2019’s Country Music, available to watch at two different online venues: an Amazon Prime video channel ($3.99/month on top of a Prime membership) and PBS Passport, the streaming service for everyone who gives at least …