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What to look for in deep dish rims?

What to look for in deep dish rims?

If you’re looking specifically for Deep Dish Rims and know the wheel diameter, wheel width and wheel offset ranges you’re looking for use our Filter Results tool to see all the options we have.

Where can I find custom Infiniti G35 wheels?

Search for 1000’s of Infiniti G35/G37 Coupe Custom Wheels using our custom search tool for rims and tires. There has never been an easier or more complete wheel search available on any other website.

When did Deep Dish rims become a trend?

Deep Dish Rims become a trend in the 90s for both cars and trucks. With cars you had cars running 15×8 deep dish rims stretched on 195/50/15 tires and on trucks 15×12 deep dish rims with 295/50/15 tires.

Is there a warranty on Deep Dish rims?

Our Deep Dish Rims include a Lifetime Structural Warranty. You can also sort the Deep Dish Rims by brand via the Filter tool. All Our Deep Dish Rims include Fast Free Shipping & Easy Returns on wheels and tires, Shop Today!

How big are JDM wheels for performance cars?

Popular sizes with import performance cars range in the 18″ wheel diameter with 8.5″ width – 10.5″ width for a more aggressive setup. We offer many fully custom wheel lines where you can specify the offset, width, and bolt pattern completely custom for your applicaton to make for a true one-off wheel experience.

Where can I buy Camaro wheels and rims?

Call our helpful representatives at Audio City USA at (888) 804-1158 today to learn more about our financing options or to place an order among our wide selection of Camaro wheels and rims.

How big do deep lip rims need to be?

As many of you may have found in your search for a set of deep dish wheels is that the difficult challenge is finding deep lip rims for your truck in more standard widths such as 9″ wide. If you don’t plan on doing a massive lift to be able to accommodate those larger widths, these wider wheels are simply not an option!