What time is UFC fight in Australia?

What time is UFC fight in Australia?

How to watch UFC 267 in Australia? The pay-per-view card will be broadcast on Main Event from 5am and will cost you $54.95. The prelims will be on ESPN, Foxtel channel 509, from 3am, while the Fight Pass prelims will begin at 1:30am on UFC Fight Pass.

What time does UFC start in Australia today?

UFC 266 will begin at midday AEST for the pay-per-view portion of the event. Expect Volkanovski to step into the cage around 2:30pm AEST, depending how long the earlier fights run. The early prelims will begin at 8am and run for two hours, with the prelims to begin at 10am and run for two hours as well.

What channel is UFC on today in Australia?

Every UFC Fight Night is available to watch and stream via ESPN in Australia.

How do I watch UFC in Australia?

If you want to watch a UFC 266 live stream – headlined by Volkanovski vs Ortega – in Australia, you’ll need to pay-per-view via Main Event on Kayo Sports.

Is UFC Australian?

If you live in Australia, we have a comprehensive guide for all your UFC. While the Main Card of each UFC event is generally reserved for the pay-per-view services, there are some fights such as the PPV undercards and Fight Night you can watch in their entirety through Kayo Sports or via Foxtel Now, too.

How can I watch UFC 257 in Australia?

Live stream UFC in HD with Kayo Sports ESPN has access to the prelims for the headline UFC events, but not the main card. You can also now watch select Main Event broadcasts through Kayo. Starting with some huge boxing events in 2020, Main Event on Kayo became an option for UFC 257.

What time is the UFC on in Sydney?

The time is 12 pm AEST. The PPV price is $54.95. The preliminary card starts at 10 am AEST live stream on UFC Fight Pass and on ESPN on Kayo. MMA action begins on the early preliminary card at 8 am AEST live stream on UFC Fight Pass.

Is UFC 267 free in Australia?

UFC 267: Blachowicz v Teixeira is available to watch on Kayo as a Pay-Per-View event for $54.95. You don’t need a separate Full Access Kayo subscription to purchase this PPV.

Is UFC free on Foxtel?

Once subscribed to Foxtel iQ, you can watch UFC and MMA events on your TV. Alternatively, you can stream Foxtel content to your laptop or mobile device with the Foxtel GO app, which you get for free as a Foxtel client.

Is MMA big in Australia?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has developed in Australia from a wide cross-section of sporting and martial arts disciplines to become the most popular combat sport in Australia.

Is MMA legal in Australia?

MMA is not banned in Australia, as it may be used safely in other applications. The Department of Health strongly recommends that MMA products are not used in nail salons.