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What songs did Richard Rudolph write?

What songs did Richard Rudolph write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
Inside My Love Minnie Riperton, Leon Ware, Dick Rudolph May 1975
Les fleurs Charles Stepney, Dick Rudolph April 1968
Love Hurts Minnie Riperton, Dick Rudolph, Marlo Henderson 1979
Lovin’ You Minnie Riperton, Dick Rudolph May 24, 1974

Where is Richard Rudolph now?

Rudolph is married to jazz singer Kimiko Kasai (married October 20, 1990) and resides in Santa Monica and Tokyo.

How did Minnie Riperton passed away?

Riperton recorded six albums with Rotary Connection and a half-dozen solo records before 1979. She passed away from breast cancer at 31.

How old is Richard Rudolph?

75 years (October 27, 1946)
Richard Rudolph/Age

How much is Rudolph worth?

Rudolph’s net worth is estimated between $1.5 million and $5.5 million. His wealth is estimated based on his football career. Rudolph currently plays as a wide receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Canadian football team he joined in 2020.

Who is Minnie Riperton daughter?

Maya Rudolph
Minnie Riperton/Daughters

Who was Minnie Riperton son?

Marc Rudolph
Minnie Riperton/Sons

Together, Riperton and Rudolph had two children; music engineer Marc Rudolph (b. 1968) and actress/comedian Maya Rudolph (b. 1972).

How did Minnie little person Atlanta?

While speaking to People, the stars of Little Women Atlanta were paying tribute to the late reality star Ashley “Minnie” Ross, who was one of the participants in the show. The actor passed away in Georgia during a car crash last year.

How did Minnie Riperton meet her husband?

While performing with Rotary Connection, Riperton, who famously had a five‐and‐a‐half octave vocal range, met her future songwriting partner and husband, Richard Rudolph. Together, alongside talented producer and arranger Charles Stepney they crafted her debut album, Come to My Garden, in 1970.

What was Minnie Riperton vocal range?

Gifted with a five-octave vocal range, Chicago-born Minnie Riperton was plucked from an a cappella choir to sing with girl-group the Gems, who found little success under their own name but scored work as session backing-vocalists for the Dells, Etta James and Fontella Bass.

Who was Minnie Riperton husband?

Richard Rudolphm. 1970–1979
Minnie Riperton/Husband

How did Paul Thomas Anderson meet Maya Rudolph?

Though they’ve never shared their origin story, it’s possible that Anderson and Rudolph’s worlds collided in 2000, when Apple was a guest on Saturday Night Live. In addition to attending the live event to support his then-girlfriend, Anderson wrote a sketch. Ostensibly, they could have met backstage.

When did Richard Rudolph start his music career?

Rudolph started in the music business as a songwriter at Chess Records in 1969. One of his first compositions to be recorded was the title song for Minnie Riperton ’s debut solo album, Come to My Garden.

Who is the lead singer of Dick Rudolph?

Richard James Rudolph. Profile: American songwriter, musician, and producer, born: 27 October 1946 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Also known as “Dick” Rudolph, he is married to Kimiko Kasai.

When did Minnie Riperton and Richard Rudolph get married?

Personal life In 1967, Rudolph met singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton and co-wrote many of her songs, including ” Lovin’ You “, “Inside My Love”, “Adventures in Paradise”, “Les Fleurs”, and “Memory Lane.” Rudolph and Riperton were married from August 1970 until her 1979 death and had two children, son Marc (born 1968) and daughter Maya (born 1972).

How old is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Richard James Rudolph: Also known as: R.J. Rudolph Richard J. Rudolph Dick Rudolph: Born October 27, 1946 (age 74) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Origin: Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Occupation(s)