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What size is a dartboard surround?

What size is a dartboard surround?

Size: H75cm, W75cm, D5cm. EAN: 5023231440006.

How big is a Winmau Dartboard?

Dartboard dimensions diameter 45.4, depth 3.7cm. Size: H45cm, W45cm, D4.

How big should a dart board backer be?

Jelinek Cork heavy density dart board backer sheets are designed to allow stray darts easy penetration without “bouncing” away and damaging the darts or injuring spectators. Sheets are 24” (approx. 600mm) x 36” (approx. 900mm) in size and are a full 1” (25mm) thick.

How do you hang a dartboard outside?

If you have a barn or shed, or some other structure or outbuilding, this could be the perfect place to mount your board outside. You simply mount the dartboard to the wall at the correct height and you’re good to go. You can use a dartboard backing or cabinet for this if you’re worried about damaging the siding.

How do you hang a Winmau dartboard Cabinet?

Choose a wall where you would like your Winmau dart cabinet to be mounted. Measure up the wall to a distance of five feet and eight inches. Mark a point on the wall in pencil. This mark represents the centre position of the cabinet once it is hung and will line up the board to correct competition height.

Is Winmau Blade 5 GOOD?

Top positive review 5.0 out of 5 starsWorth the little extra money. This is a nice solid board. I really like the thin wires that help prevent the darts from bouncing out. The way this board mounts to the wall is also new for me.

How much does a Winmau Blade 5 weigh?

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard Review

Brand Winmau
Size 45 x 45 x 4 cm
Weight 4.8 kg
Material Sisal fiber and steel
Color Black, White, Red, Green

What should I put behind a dart board?

Plan on having a backstop behind your dartboard. This could be cork, soft wood planks, or covered cardboard. You want something that the dart will stick into but won’t show a hole when you pull it out. I used a large piece of heavy cardboard that I covered in dark grey felt.

How do you fit a dartboard cabinet?

Space Needed

  1. The dartboard cabinet must be securely mounted and must be at a right angle to the floor.
  2. Center of Dartboard.
  3. Lay the cabinet face up on a table or floor.
  4. The bristle dartboard comes with a mounting clip.
  5. The dartboard cabinet must be securely mounted and must be at a right angle to the floor.