What kind of ship is the HMS Bristol?

What kind of ship is the HMS Bristol?

HMS Bristol (D23) is a Type 82 destroyer, the only vessel of her class to be built for the Royal Navy. Originally intended as the first of a class of large destroyers to escort the CVA-01 aircraft carriers projected to come into service in the early 1970s, Bristol turned out to be a unique ship: the rest…

What kind of missiles did HMS Bristol Fire?

HMS Bristol also fired its Sea Dart missiles in anger in the South Atlantic — among the 18 Sea Darts launched from this warship and the smaller Type 42 destroyers during the campaign — but did not register any Argentine aircraft destroyed.

How big was the White Elephant HMS Bristol?

The one-off Type 82 destroyer HMS Bristol was, at 507 feet long, marginally longer than the current Type 45, which measures 500 feet. For much of its career, the pioneering HMS Bristol was considered a “white elephant,” but it remained in Royal Navy service until today, October 28, 2020.

When was HMS Bristol transferred to the National Museum?

When news of the disposal was made public the leader of Portsmouth City Council Gerald Vernon-Jackson called for Bristol to be maintained as a museum ship within the National Museum of the Royal Navy. HMS Bristol was transferred to the Disposal reserve ships organisation on 1 December 2020.

When is HMS Bristol being released for disposal?

According to the U.K. Ministry of Defence, HMS Bristol will be “released for disposal by March 31, 2021,” with “no plans” to review the decision.

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