What kind of protein is the PSMB8 gene?

What kind of protein is the PSMB8 gene?

Proteasome subunit beta type-8 as known as 20S proteasome subunit beta-5i is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PSMB8 gene. This protein is one of the 17 essential subunits (alpha subunits 1-7, constitutive beta subunits 1-7, and inducible subunits including beta1i, beta2i, beta5i) that contributes to the complete assembly…

Is there a link between PSMB8 and vitiligo?

PSMB8 rs2071464 was associated with generalized and active vitiligo from Gujarat whereas TAP1 rs1135216 showed no association. The down-regulation of PSMB8 in patients with risk genotype ‘CC’ advocates the vital role of PSMB8 in the autoimmune basis of vitiligo.

What are the effects of interferon-induced PSMB8 / LMP7?

Interferon-induced PSMB8/LMP7 accelerates the degradation of Mcl-1 and increases the sensitivity of vascular lesion cells to apoptosis induced by fas ligation. Downregulation of LMP7 is associated with acute myeloid leukaemic blasts.

Is the LMP7 gene up-regulated in sjogrens syndrome?

In patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome, the expression of LMP7 (but not LMP2) is up-regulated in the labial gland. Data indicate that treatment-emergent resistance to single-agent bortezomib was independent of variants in the proteasome genes PSMB1, PSMB5, PSMB6, PSMB8, PSMB9, and PSMB10.

How does a mutation in the immunoproteasome subunit PSMB8 cause?

Patients bearing this mutation suffered from autoinflammatory responses that included recurrent fever and nodular erythema together with lipodystrophy. This mutation increased assembly intermediates of immunoproteasomes, resulting in decreased proteasome function and ubiquitin-coupled protein accumulation in the patient’s tissues.

What are the effects of siRNA on PSMB8?

Downregulation of PSMB8 inhibited the differentiation of murine and human adipocytes in vitro, and injection of siRNA against Psmb8 in mouse skin reduced adipocyte tissue volume.