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What is Western architectural style?

What is Western architectural style?

The history of Western architecture is marked by a series of new solutions to structural problems. Greek architecture also formalized many structural and decorative elements into three Classical orders—Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian—which, to a greater or lesser extent, have influenced architecture since that time.

What is false front?

1 : a facade extending beyond and especially above the true dimensions of a building to give it a more imposing appearance. 2 : false hair usually used for bangs or curls at the front hairline. 3 : appearance or manner intended to deceive.

What is a false front building?

In simplest terms, a false front is a front wall that extends above the roof and the sides of a building to create a more impressive façade.

Why were there false fronts in the Old West?

False fronts gained popularity during the expansion of the American West, when quickly built wooden buildings were adorned with larger facades in order to make them look more grandiose. They also became a convenient place for advertisements and commercial signage.

Why is it called a false front?

A green is said to have a ‘false front’ when the front portion of the green is too steep to actually hold the ball. The front is ‘false’ because if you hit that part of the green, your ball Isn’t going to stay on the putting surface for long.

What’s another word for false front?

What is another word for false front?

front facade
guise veneer
mask façade
show disguise
masquerade pretenceUK

Why did old buildings have false fronts?

First, the false front was often added to impermanent structures such as large tents for stability. Tent colonies were commonplace in the early years of westward expansion and the gold rush era. People would flock to an area and the quickest, easiest and most affordable dwelling to put up was the tent.

What is a false front on a green?

A “false front” is a front portion of a putting green that consists of a ledge or drop-off — the surface of the green in that area slopes down. A golf ball that doesn’t fly over or have enough speed to roll over a false front is likely to roll down off that part of the green and back into the fairway.

What kind of architecture is a false front?

Western false front architecture or false front commercial architecture is a type of commercial architecture used in the Old West of the United States. Often used on two-story buildings, the style includes a vertical facade with a square top, often hiding a gable roof.

Why are gable roofs used in false front architecture?

Often used on two-story buildings, the style includes a vertical facade with a square top, often hiding a gable roof . The goal for the architecture is to project an image of stability and success, while in fact a business owner may not have invested much in a building that might be temporary.

Are there any false front buildings in Bend Oregon?

There were many false front buildings constructed in the Bend, Oregon area between 1900 and 1910. However, the Smith hardware store is the only surviving example in downtown Bend.