What is Uranus made of facts for kids?

What is Uranus made of facts for kids?

Uranus is made of water, methane, and ammonia fluids above a small rocky center. The thick atmosphere is made of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter and Saturn.

Why is Uranus the coldest planet for kids?

Uranus is an ice giant like its sister planet Neptune. Although it has a gas surface, like the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, much of the interior of the planet is made up of frozen elements. As a result, Uranus has the coldest atmosphere of all the planets in the Solar System.

How did Uranus get its color?

The blue-green color results from the absorption of red light by methane gas in Uranus’ deep, cold and remarkably clear atmosphere. In fact, the limb is dark and uniform in color around the planet.

How old is Uranus?

4.503 billion years
Uranus was formed at the same time as the rest of the Solar System, from a large spinning disk of gas and dust. Astronomers think that all this happened about 4.6 billion years ago! So Uranus is about 4.6 billion years old.

What are some cool facts about Uranus?

Facts about Uranus Uranus was officially discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. It is too dim to have been seen by the ancients. Uranus turns on its axis once every 17 hours, 14 minutes. The planet rotates in a retrograde direction, opposite to the way Earth and most other planets turn. Uranus makes one trip around the Sun every 84 Earth years.

What is the weather like on Uranus?

Uranus’ has strong gravity and extremely cold temperatures (-270 degrees F to -380 degrees F). There is also energy from lightning and ultraviolet light.

What are the unique features of Uranus?

One unique feature of Uranus is that it rotates on its side. Whereas all of the Solar System’s planets are tilted on their axes to some degree, Uranus has the most extreme axial tilt of 98°. This leads to the radical seasons that the planet experiences, not to mention an unusual day-night cycle at the poles.

What is special about Uranus?

10 Interesting Facts About Uranus Initially Named After A King. Lowest Recorded Temperature Of Any Solar System Planet. Uranus Appears Blue. Uranus Has The Greatest Axial Tilt. 42 Years Of Sunlight On Uranus. Uranus Has 27 Moons. Uranus Has Rings. Uranus Is Visible To The Naked Eye. One Of Lowest Density In The Solar System. Spacecraft Visit To Uranus Happened Only Once.