What is the Welsh motto?

What is the Welsh motto?

Cymru am byth
Cymru am byth. (Welsh, ‘Wales for ever’.) The motto of the Welsh Guards, formed in 1915.

What is Wales known for?

Wales; famous for its rugged coastline, mountainous National Parks and not forgetting the Celtic Welsh language. It’s a pretty cool country to live in or to visit. Firstly, not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Welsh people are known as one of the friendliest.

What are Welsh greetings?


  • “Bore da” – Good morning. pronunciation: ‘bore-ray-dah’
  • “Prynhawn da” – Good afternoon. pronunciation: ‘prin-how’n-dah’
  • “Nos da” – Good night. pronunciation: ‘Nohs-dah’
  • “Helô / Hylô” – Hello. pronunciation: ‘hell-oh / hill-oh’

What does Ich Dein mean?

I serve
German, meaning ‘I serve’; the motto of the Prince of Wales, adopted with the crest of ostrich feathers after the battle of Crécy (1346), from John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, who was killed in the battle.

What does finding 3 feathers mean?

The symbol of three feathers was popular in ancient Christianity, especially among the Medici, who used them as an emblem representing the three virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

What did Wales invent?

Promoted Stories

  • Isaac Roberts – First to photograph Great Nebula in Andromeda.
  • The Theory of Natural Selection and Evolution – Alfred Russel Wallace.
  • The microphone (paving the way for recorded music) – David Edward Hughes.
  • Radar – Edward George Bowen.

What does dw i n mean?

dw i’n is the present tense way of saying I am/is. So you always have the i’n when using a verb and talking about yourself in the present tense.

What is Welsh for Darling?

Annwyl means “dear, darling, beloved, loved, cherished, favourite; precious, choice, chosen, pleasent, lovely; loved one, friend”, and anwylyd means dearest.

How do you reply to bore da?

When you hear yndw, you are hearing an affirmative response rather than a simple “yes”, I would say; literally yndw would be “I am” or “yes, I am”. Similarly, the response yndy is “yes, he/she/it is”.