What is the summary of no longer at ease?

What is the summary of no longer at ease?

No Longer at Ease is a 1960 novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. It is the story of an Igbo man, Obi Okonkwo, who leaves his village for an education in Britain and then a job in the Nigerian colonial civil service, but is conflicted between his African culture and Western lifestyle and ends up taking a bribe.

Is no longer at ease a tragic story?

Tragedy. No Longer At Ease is a classic tragedy. A classic tragedy is the story of a man or woman who tries to change the world. In the end, their pride is the fatal flaw and they end up destroying themselves or becoming part of the system they had meant to destroy.

What was the Umuofia Progressive Union scheme in no longer at ease?

The Umuofia Progressive Union (U.P.U) has given Obi a scholarship to study law in England, a scholarship that Obi has to pay back upon his return. And, thus, he leaves for England, stopping in Lagos on the way out. While in England, several things happen to him.

Who is the main character of No Longer at Ease?

Obi Okonkwo
The protagonist of the No Longer at Ease, Obi Okonkwo, is a young man born in Ibo in the Eastern Nigerian village of Umuofia.

What type of novel is no longer at ease?

No Longer at Ease/Genres

What is the importance of the relationship between Clara and Obi?

Clara and Obi’s relationship is important because it gives a picture of the real Obi. Through his experiences with Clara, we learn things about Obi’s character, we see his ability to manipulate others.

What was the problem with Obi marrying Clara?

The main conflict with Clara is that she is an osu, which means she is an outcast that is not allowed to marry Obi. This fact causes the main struggle between Clara and Obi regarding their relationship and their marriage.

How is Obi characterized in no longer at ease?

Names. His name is also ironic, since Obi’s mind is never at rest; he is ceaselessly thinking about the problems of Nigeria, the problems of independence, the problems involved in getting his parents to agree to his marriage to Clara. As the title of the book clearly indicates, he is “no longer at ease.”

How did no longer at ease end?

By Chinua Achebe Achebe chooses not to belabor or repeat the scene in the courtroom where we learn of Obi’s guilt. Instead, he ends with just a few sentences explaining that nobody knows why Obi began to accept bribes, or how he became corrupt. We are left with a number of unsettling questions.

Is there a plot summary for no longer at ease?

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Who is the protagonist in no longer at ease?

Obi, the protagonist of the novel represents the postcolonial voice of Africa. His identity revolves round the traditional lgbo culture of Umuofia, the Christianity of his father, the idealism of English literature, and the corrupt sophistication of…show more content…

Who are the empty men in no longer at ease?

Obi was not Christian but knew a bit about it. He did not like how in Christian sermons the audience could not reply. The men said they were glad Obi did not bring back a white wife, and that he was still a son of Umuofia, not one of the “empty men who become white when they see white, and black when they see black” (61).