What is the star rating in SurveyMonkey?

What is the star rating in SurveyMonkey?

Answering the question is easy—to give a rating of 4 stars, for example, a respondent would click the fourth star to select it. The first, second, third, and fourth stars will fill in, and we’ll record the answer as the weight assigned to the star they selected. There’s no way to enter a half-star rating.

Can you add images in SurveyMonkey?

With any of our account types, free or paid, you can add images into your survey using our image question type option. From the question type drop-down menu, select Image and choose either of the following methods: Upload from your Computer: Browse to the location on your computer where you have the image stored.

Can you use Emojis in SurveyMonkey?

You can now use stars, smiley faces, hearts and thumbs up or down with our brand new Star Rating question type! And because we’re your resident survey scientists here at SurveyMonkey, we always test our features out before we recommend them to all of you.

What is the 5 star rating system?

The Five-Star Quality Rating System is a tool to help consumers select and compare skilled nursing care centers. Created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2008, the rating system uses information from Health Care Surveys (both standard and complaint), Quality Measures, and Staffing.

What is a star rating system?

Star rating is a method of grading accommodation to help customers make a choice that best suits their needs and budget. Hotels, guest accommodation, self-catering and serviced accommodation are given star ratings from one to five stars. …

How do I use images in Survey Monkey?

To add an image to one of these sections:

  1. Access the section you are looking to add the image to.
  2. Within the text editor, click on the Image icon.
  3. Paste a link to that file. TIP! If the image doesn’t already have its own link, upload it to the Files section and copy the internal link provided.
  4. Click Insert.

How is a star rating question calculated in SurveyMonkey?

For example, if your Star Rating question uses a scale of 5 stars, change the Max to 5 so that the scales match. The Star Rating question lets respondents evaluate a statement on a visual scale of stars, hearts, thumbs, or smilies. A weight is assigned to each icon in the scale, so a weighted average is calculated in the Analyze Results section.

How do I add an image to SurveyMonkey?

To add an image using the formatting toolbar: In the text field where you want to add an image, click P in the formatting toolbar. Enter the image URL in the Source field. The URL must end in .jpg, .gif, or .png. Enter an Image description to add alternative text to the image. This adds an alt attribute to the image.

How long does it take to create a survey on SurveyMonkey?

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What kind of survey software is SurveyMonkey free?

SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey software.