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What is the specific heat capacity of lead?

What is the specific heat capacity of lead?

Heat Capacities for Some Select Substances

Substance specific heat capacity Cp,s (J/g °C) molar heat capacity Cp,m (J/mol °C)
graphite 0.710 8.53
helium 5.1932 20.786
iron 0.450 25.09
lead 0.129 26.4

Does lead have a higher specific heat than aluminum?

Lead atoms are heavier than aluminum atoms, which means that a given mass of lead contains fewer atoms than the same mass of aluminum. Since the heat required to raise the temperature depends on the number of atoms, it takes less heat to raise the temperature of the lead than the temperature of the aluminum.

What is the specific heat of lead in J kg C?


Metal Specific Heat – cp – (kJ/(kg K))
Iridium 0.13
Iron 0.45
Lanthanum 0.195
Lead 0.13

What gets hotter aluminum or lead?

The specific heat capacities of aluminum and lead are 0.9 J/gm/K and 0.128 J/gm/K. Thus, aluminum will release more heat than lead when it is held until it reaches the skin temperature. And it will feel hotter to touch as compared to lead.

What is the specific heat of aluminum in Cal GC?

Specific heats and molar heat capacities for various substances at 20 C

Substance c in J/gm K c in cal/gm K or Btu/lb F
Aluminum 0.900 0.215
Bismuth 0.123 0.0294
Copper 0.386 0.0923
Brass 0.380 0.092

Does lead have high heat capacity?

An equal mass of water in the same sun will not become nearly as hot. We would say that water has a high heat capacity (the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of an object by 1°C.)…Heat Capacity and Specific Heat.

Substance Specific Heat (J/g°C)
Lead (s) 0.129
Mercury (l) 0.140
Silver (s) 0.233

Is J kg K the same as J kg C?

Assuming you mean kJ/(kg K) and kJ/(kg C), where K stands for a unit on the Kelvin temperature scale and the C for a unit on the Celsius temperature scale, the answer is yes because the Celcius and Kelvin scale have the same unit but different zero points. Normally we use K.

Why does lead heat faster than Aluminium?

The specific heat capacity of a material is the energy required to raise one kilogram (kg) of the material by one degree Celsius (°C). Lead will warm up and cool down faster because it doesn’t take much energy to change its temperature.

Does lead have a high heat capacity?

Which is better aluminium foil or sheet of aluminium?

Now, our ball of aluminium foil can retain heat energy better than a sheet of aluminium foil as it has a much lower surface area for heat to escape. So when you put your fingers on the aluminium foil ball you’re giving the heat energy another exit.

How big is the mass of aluminium foil?

Aluminium foil has a very low mass. It’s incredibly thin, typically 0.2 mm thick, and you probably have experience handling aluminium foil so you know it’s not very heavy. This means that aluminium foil can’t hold a large amount of heat energy to begin with.

Why does aluminium take longer to heat up than lead?

Aluminium has higher specific heat capacity which means you require more heat energy to heat up a unit mass of aluminium. To supply this heat it takes longer time.On the other hand,Lead has lower specific heat capacity.We require relatively smaller amount of heat energy to heat up a unit mass of lead.

What is the specific heat capacity of aluminum?

Specific Heat Capacity of Metals Table Chart Metal Btu/ (lb-°F) J/ (kg-K) J/ (g-°C) Btu/ (lb-°C) AlBeMet 0.36 1507.248 1.507248 0.648 Aluminum 0.220 921.096 0.921096 0.396 Antimony 0.050 209.34 0.20934 0.09 Barium 0.048 200.9664 0.2009664 0.0864