What is the smudging prayer?

What is the smudging prayer?

A Smudging Prayer May your hands be cleansed, that they create beautiful things. May your feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be. May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear its messages clearly. May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed.

How do you get rid of stagnant energy in a room?

How to change the energy of a room

  1. Let in some fresh air. Turn up (or off) your A/C for a moment and open all of the doors and windows.
  2. Burn sage.
  3. Re-arrange.
  4. Add plants.
  5. Set an intention.
  6. Smile.
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How do you sage a house with negative energy?

How to sage your house to clear negative energy.

  1. Gather your tools and have an exit strategy.
  2. Set your intention and say a mantra.
  3. Light up.
  4. Slowly walk around your space.
  5. Be safe!
  6. Extinguish your sage.

How do I cleanse my new house?

How To Give Your New Home Good Energy

  1. Buy a new broom. Bringing along your old broom means bringing along any bad luck you had at your previous home.
  2. Don’t forget the bread, salt, and honey.
  3. Paint your porch ceiling.
  4. Arm your door with fennel.
  5. Sprinkle salt.
  6. Open the windows.
  7. Break out the essential oils.
  8. Smudge your home.

How do I use sage to clean my energy?

Hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light the sage, let it burn for about 20 seconds and then gently blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on one end. Then you can start the process of clearing your space.

How do you smudge positive energy?

To smudge, use a candle to light the bundle or pieces of dried herbs and burn until it smolders. The flame should go out on its own, but can be gently extinguished by fanning the flame. Blowing into the flame is not recommended, as it can take up negative energy from the breath.

How do I get rid of negativity in my life?

Negativity Detox 101 – How to Remove the Negativity from your…

  1. Get grounded.
  2. Align with your purpose.
  3. Collect + Create good energy.
  4. Have an attitude of gratitude.
  5. Surround yourself with good things.
  6. Watch your thoughts.
  7. Seek spirituality.
  8. Find balance.