What is the nicest neighborhood in Boston?

What is the nicest neighborhood in Boston?

Here Are The 7 Most Beautiful, Charming Neighborhoods In Boston

  • Beacon Hill. Flickr/Phil Roeder.
  • South End. Flickr/Tom Li.
  • Back Bay. Flickr/Becky McCray.
  • Jamaica Plain. Flickr/ YU-JEN SHIH.
  • North End. Flickr/CTG/SF.
  • Cambridge. Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Steiner.
  • West Roxbury.

Is Boston downtown safe?

Boston Downtown is very compact and very safe and is generally pretty walkable. So you can choose by other criteria. However, if you’re really worried about this, you may not be comfortable in some parts of the Financial Area where it becomes very quiet at night.

Where should I move to in Boston?

Best Places to Live in Boston: Beacon Hill — This part of town is arguably one of the most beautiful neighborhoods with historical row houses and cobblestone streets that are illuminated with gas street lights. Expect to find both tourists and residents venturing around here. Average two-bedroom rent: $3,000/month.

Is moving to Boston a good idea?

Despite the high cost of living, moving to Boston is still a great option if you can afford it. There are numerous neighborhoods that are attractive places to live. You should always choose an area of Boston that is based around your income. Keep in mind that some apartments are more affordable than others.

Where is the cheapest place to stay in Boston?

South Boston, in contrast to what its name might suggest, is located at the east end of Boston. South Boston is one of the cheapest places to stay in Boston. South Boston is not far from Downtown. It’s considered one of the most lively places in Boston.

What are the 5 star hotels in Boston?

The Black Bay area is also a popular location for 5-star hotels in Boston, offering opulent locations with landscaped gardens nestled amongst the city’s traditional brownstone Victorian dwellings, looking out to Cambridge across the Charles River. Boston is accessible by rail, road, and air.

What is the best luxury hotel in Boston?

Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

  • Boston.
  • XV Beacon.
  • Boston.
  • Taj Boston.
  • Boston.
  • Boston Harbor Hotel.
  • Eliot Hotel.
  • Where are the best places to stay in Boston MA?

    Just across the river Charles , the (separate) city of Cambridge is home to two of the highest-rated universities in the world, Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Two of the best areas to stay in Boston are the Back Bay neighborhood and the Downtown district.