What is the NHL Western Conference trophy called?

What is the NHL Western Conference trophy called?

Campbell Bowl

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl
Awarded for Western Conference playoff champions of the National Hockey League
First award 1967–68 NHL season
First winner Philadelphia Flyers

Will the Prince of Wales trophy be awarded?

Due to a modified playoff format held in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wales Trophy was awarded to the Tampa Bay Lightning after defeating the New York Islanders in the Stanley Cup Semifinals….

Prince of Wales Trophy
Most recent Tampa Bay Lightning (4)

What trophy did Montreal win 2021?

Share All sharing options for: Andrei Vasilevskiy wins 2021 Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning won their second straight Stanley Cup Trophy on Wednesday evening, finishing off the Montreal Canadiens in five games with a 1-0 win.

What is Clarence Campbell trophy?

The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, or the Campbell Trophy, is a National Hockey League trophy awarded to the Western Conference playoff champions. It is named after Clarence S. Campbell, the former President of the NHL from 1946–47 to 1976–77. The trophy itself is constructed of sterling silver, crafted in 1878.

What NHL team did Bobby Orr play for?

Boston Bruins
James Norris Memorial Trophy

Season Team
1971-1972 Boston Bruins
1972-1973 Boston Bruins
1973-1974 Boston Bruins
1974-1975 Boston Bruins

How many championships does the Western Conference have?

The Golden State Warriors have won 4 championships in the Western Conference all-time.

Los Angeles Lakers 4113 241.6
Chicago Bulls 820 241.5
Houston Rockets 3458 241.6
Oklahoma City Thunder 4114 241.7

Did Tampa touch the trophy last year?

The Tampa Bay Lightning touched the Price of Wales trophy for the second straight season, after beating the New York Islanders in Game 7. Tampa touched the trophy last year and went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Will the conference trophies be awarded in the NHL?

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021: Conference championship trophies will not be awarded, NHL says. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were travel restrictions at the Canadian border and the NHL decided to place the seven Canadian teams in one division.

Did Montreal win the Western Conference?

Technically the Montreal Canadiens are the Western Conference Champions: The Canadiens win the Clarence Campbell Bowl as Western Conference playoff champions for the first time in their 103 year history.

Who won the Western Conference NHL?

Western Conference (1994–2020)

Year Champion Games
2018 Vegas Golden Knights 5
2019 St. Louis Blues 6
2020 Dallas Stars 5
2021 Conference-based playoffs not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clarence S. Campbell Bowl was awarded to the Montreal Canadiens.

Did the Canadiens touch the trophy?

MONTREAL (AP) — Shea Weber and the Montreal Canadiens kept their hands off the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl after advancing to the Stanley Cup Final, and even rookie Cole Caufield had no interest in touching it.

Are there any conference championship trophies in the NHL?

The NHL will not award conference championship trophies during the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs due to COVID-related realignment, Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer told ESPN.

Who is awarded the Prince of Wales Trophy in the NHL?

The Prince of Wales Trophy, established in 1925, is awarded to the winner of the NHL’s Eastern Conference. The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, established in 1967, is given to the Western Conference champion. But the NHL played its 2020-21 season without designated conferences, realigning its teams into four new divisions.

When was the Stanley Cup awarded to the Eastern Conference?

Since 1993-94, the trophy has been presented to the playoff champion in the Eastern Conference. Presented by the member clubs for perpetual competition by the NHL in recognition of the services of Clarence S. Campbell, League President from 1946 to 1977, and awarded to the playoff champion in the Western Conference.

Who was the last NHL captain to touch the conference trophy?

Pittsburgh went on to win the Stanley Cup that season, in six games over the Minnesota North Stars. Some other notable captains who chose to touch the conference trophy and then went on to win the Stanley Cup are Red Wings’ star Steve Yzerman in 1997 and Devils’ defensive stalwart Scott Stevens in 2000 and 2003.