What is the net worth of John staluppi?

What is the net worth of John staluppi?

John Staluppi net worth: John Staluppi is an American entrepreneur, car magnate, yacht maker and philanthropist who has a net worth of $500 million dollars. John Staluppi was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947. He came from very modest beginnings.

Who owns the quantum of solace yacht?

John Staluppi
John Staluppi – Net Worth $500 Million – Owner of the Yacht Quantum of Solace

Name: John Staluppi
Net Worth: US$ 0,5 billion
Source of Wealth: Atlantic Auto Group
Born: January 15, 1947
Country: USA

Where is John staluppi?

JOHN STALUPPI • Net Worth $500 million • Yacht • House • Private Jet • Atlantic Auto Group

Name: John Staluppi
Wife: Jeanette Staluppi
Children: Unknwon
Residence: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
Private Jet: Gulfstream G650ER (N17JS)

Who owns mega yacht Skyfall?

The 57.91m 2010 SKYFALL motor yacht from Trinity Yachts is a fantastic charter yacht whether you like entertaining or prefer to go undercover. The yacht SKYFALL was designed by Geoff Van Aller, with classic, light-filled interiors by Patrick Knowles….Rates and Regions.

Winter Caribbean
High Rate from USD$315,000 per week

Where was John Staluppi born and raised?

John Staluppi Born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York John Staluppi started his life from humble beginnings. It was the 1950’s the golden years of the American automobile. Even though his father encouraged him to become an electrician, John was already bitten by the car bug.

What was the name of John Staluppi’s company?

With these successes and practical experiences, he was able to take a risk on a venture called Honda – an unknown name at the time. John Staluppi was, however, able to see it’s potential.

How much does John Staluppi make at auction?

The smell of exhaust hangs in the air from cars starting and rolling out of the massive building onto waiting transport trailers. When it’s all said and done, Staluppi’s cars will generate $13.96 million at auction, including buyer’s premium, typically around 10 percent.

Why did John Staluppi create his private Wonderland?

This is his private wonderland, a world Staluppi has created to celebrate his love of cars and his childhood home. Staluppi’s dream was born of necessity.