What is the movie Black November about?

What is the movie Black November about?

The members of a Niger Delta community wage a war against their corrupt government and an international oil corporation to save their land from being destroyed by excessive drilling and frequent spills.
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Is Black November based on a true story?

Black November is fiction based on an actual event, the title being derived from the month in which activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed in 1995. Amata had once met Saro-Wiwa through his father and was affected by his death.

Is Mbong Amata married?

Jeta Amatam. 2008–2014
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In 2001 at an audition in Calabar she met Jeta Amata. Two years later when she was 18 they began dating. They married in 2008 and their daughter Veno was born later that year.

What did Ken Saro Wiwa do?

At the peak of his non-violent campaign, he was tried by a special military tribunal for allegedly masterminding the gruesome murder of Ogoni chiefs at a pro-government meeting, and hanged in 1995 by the military dictatorship of General Sani Abacha.

Where is Niger Delta in Nigeria?

Introduction The Niger Delta region of Nigeria, located in the south-south zone of the country, is the region that produces oil – the lifeline of the Nigerian economy.

Who is Fred Amata’s wife?

Agatha Amatam.?–2005
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Is Mbong Amata from Akwa Ibom?

Mbong Amata Grace was born in Aba, Abia state, Nigeria on September 21st, 1985 to parents from Akwa Ibom state. She is a prolific actress, producer, entrepreneur and passionate advocate for women and children.

Where was kenule Saro Wiwa killed?

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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When was sarowiwa killed?

November 10, 1995
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Is Delta an Igbo state?

Delta State is a state in Nigeria, comprising mainly Igbo (Anioma people), Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw and Itsekiri. The delta north is Igbo region, the delta central and delta south is made up of Urhobo, Ijaw, Isoko, and Itsekiri.

Is Fred Amata married?

Fred Amata/Spouse