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What is the Imam Shah Mosque known for?

What is the Imam Shah Mosque known for?

Imam Mosque (known as Shah Mosque before 1979 revolution) is a part of the complex of Naqsh-e Jahan Square – the main attraction of Isfahan. It is regarded as one of the masterpieces of Persian architecture in the Islamic era.

Who commissioned the Imam Mosque in Isfahan Iran?

Imam Mosque of Isfahan is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran. Construction of the Masjid-i Shah began in 1611 under Shah ‘Abbas, and was completed around 1630 during the rule of Shah Safi, ‘Abbas’s successor, who ruled from 1629 to 1642.

What is inside Shah Mosque?

The Mosque is surrounded with four iwans and arcades. All the walls are ornamented with seven-color mosaic tile. The most magnificent iwan of the mosque is the one facing the Qibla measuring 33 m (108 ft) high. Behind this iwan is a space which is roofed with the largest dome in the city at 53 m (174 ft) height.

Why was the Shah Masjid built?

This mosque which , was built on the south side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Safavid dynasty(1500-1700) by Abbas I of Persia was built with the goal of centering political, religious, economic, and cultural activities. The mosque’s crowning dome was completed in 1629, the last year of the reign of Shah Abbas(Iran tour).

Who built Isfahan?

The city walls of Isfahan are thought to have been constructed during the reign of the Buyid amirs during the tenth century. The Turkish conqueror and founder of the Seljuq dynasty, Toghril Beg, made Isfahan the capital of his domains in the mid-11th century; but it was under his grandson Malik-Shah I (r.

What is the population of Isfahan 2020?

Isfahan Province

Isfahan Province استان اصفهان
• Total 107,018 km2 (41,320 sq mi)
Population (2016)
• Total 5,120,850
• Estimate (2020) 5,343,000

Where is Isfahan now?

It is located 406 kilometres (252 miles) south of Tehran and it’s the capital of Isfahan Province. Isfahan has a population of approximately 1.5 million, making it the third-largest city in Iran, after Mashhad and Tehran, and the second-largest metropolitan area….

Isfahan اصفهان Spahān, Aspadana

What is Qibla iwan?

The qibla iwan on the southern side of the courtyard solves this conundrum. Similar to its three counterparts, this iwan sports colorful tile decoration and muqarnas or traditional Islamic cusped niches. The domed interior was reserved for the use of the ruler and gives access to the main mihrab of the mosque.

What is the size of Isfahan?

212.7 mi²

Where is the Shah Mosque in Isfahan located?

Located at the heart of the city of Isfahan, alongside of the Naqsh-e Jahan square. This mosque is considered one of the most important historical Mosques in Isfahan, which was built during the Safavid era under the rule of Shah Abbas the Safavid King.

When did Shah Abbas of Iran build the mosque?

Shah Abbas of Iran moved the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan and he built this mosque in order to enhance the beauty of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. The construction of this mosque started in 1611 and it was completed during the reign of Shah Safi in 1630.

What kind of mosque is the Masjed i Shah?

The crown jewel in this project was the Masjed i Shah, which would replace the much older Jameh Mosque in conducting the Friday prayers.

How old is the door of the Shah Mosque?

There is a 400 years old large marble basin beside the main door. It used to be filled with the water or sometimes with lemonade which was offered to the worshippers. Carpets were rolled in one corner of the western iwan. These carpets are used for the Friday prayer when more people come to pray in this mosque.