What is the heat capacity of lead?

What is the heat capacity of lead?

Specific (Cs) and Molar (Cm) Heat capacities at constant pressure (1 atm) and 25°C….Heat Capacities for Some Select Substances.

Substance specific heat capacity Cp,s (J/g °C) molar heat capacity Cp,m (J/mol °C)
graphite 0.710 8.53
helium 5.1932 20.786
iron 0.450 25.09
lead 0.129 26.4

What is the specific heat capacity of Pb?

Specific heats and molar heat capacities for various substances at 20 C

Substance c in J/gm K c in cal/gm K or Btu/lb F
Gold 0.126 0.0301
Lead 0.128 0.0305
Silver 0.233 0.0558
Tungsten 0.134 0.0321

Does lead have a specific heat?

The specific heat of a substance is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of the substance by 1°C. Table below lists the specific heats of some common substances….Heat Capacity and Specific Heat.

Substance Specific Heat (J/g°C)
Lead (s) 0.129
Mercury (l) 0.140
Silver (s) 0.233

What is the specific heat of solid lead?

Specific Heats (Csp)

Substance Formula Csp (J/goC)
Krypton Kr 0.247
Lead Pb 0.159
Magnesium Mg 1.017
Mercury Hg 0.138

What has a specific heat capacity of?

Specific heat capacity is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of a substance by 1 kelvin (SI unit of specific heat capacity J kg−1 K−1)….5.2. 3.1 Specific heat capacity.

Materials Specific Heat Capacities [J/(kg·K)]
Carbon 710

What is the specific heat of TI?

0.72 J/g
The specific heat of titanium has been measured over a temperature range from 600° to 1345°K. The specific heat at 600°K is 0.72 J/g°K ±2.5%, and increases to 0.93 J/g°K ±6% just below the transition, which takes place at 1155°K.

What is the specific heat of helium?

Properties of Various Ideal Gases (at 300 K)

Gas Formula Specific Heat Ratio
Helium He 1.667
Hydrogen H2 1.405
Methane CH4 1.299
Neon Ne 1.667

Does lead have a lower heat capacity than copper?

The specific heat capacity of water is 4,200 joules per kilogram per degree Celsius (J/kg°C). This means that it takes 4,200 J to raise the temperature of one kg of water by 1 °C….Specific heat capacity.

Material Specific heat capacity (J/kg/°C)
Copper 385
Lead 129