What is the eligibility for DHA exam?

What is the eligibility for DHA exam?

Work Experience – Two (2) years is the minimum qualification for such. Clinical nurses (from hospitals), school health nurses, occupational health nurses, company nurses, private duty nurses and private clinic nurses are all allowed to apply as long as you do not have a 6-month gap before you schedule your exam.

What is the passing score for DHA exam?

Total attempts allowed for the exam are three, afterwards candidate will not be allowed to reapply for DHA license unless proof of upgrading relevant qualification or training is provided. Exam result will be based on total number of correct answers, candidate shall score 60% to be considered as PASS.

Is experience required for DHA exam?

How many years of experience is required for attending the DHA examination? You need at least 2 years of experience to attend the DHA examination.

Can I give DHA exam without experience?

Candidate should have graduated from a recognised Medical school. If he/she is a Non UAE Nationals then he/she should have atleast 2 years’ clinical experience post internship out of which one year must be in general practice setup.

Is DHA exam online?

Online written examination with multiple choice questions is conducted to license the health professionals (Prometric). Click to attempt the dha online exams. The questions are prepared from various subjects.

How many times can I give DHA exam?

3 times
Number of Retakes: You can take DHA examination up to 3 times. If you fail all the 3 times, you will be disqualified from further applying to same or low-quality examinations.

How can I prepare for DHA exam?

How to prepare for the DHA exam

  1. Before starting the preparation for the exam, first, make sure to know the time span of the DHA exam.
  2. The preparation will be different for both oral and computer-based test.
  3. Then have a good idea about the syllabus of the DHA exam and know about the pattern of the exam.

How many hours is DHA exam?

DHA-Dubai Health Authority

Exam Format Time Length
Computer-Based Testing 70 MCQ’s (best of 4) 2 hours
Oral Assessment· Normal · Urgent Clinical Scenarios, viva varies

What are the requirements to get a DHA license?

There are various requirements to be fulfilled to get DHA license. The complete process to get a DHA license will be done online. Below given are the required certificates and acknowledgments should be given to the DHA department in order to complete the process.

How does the DHA review your application for a job?

The DHA will review your application in light of your CBT and PSV results and then either approve, reject or return your application for more information. Depending on the professional healthcare position you apply for, the DHA may require you to take an oral assessment.

When to renew your DHA license in Dubai?

You can apply for DHA license renewal three months prior to the expiry date. Anyone who wishes to stay and work in Dubai as a licensed healthcare professional must renew their license/registration with updated experience and qualification details.

Where can I get a DHA personal ID?

For the Manual Review you need to: Before you formally begin the DHA licensing process, you should create a personal ID on the DHA Sheryan portal. You will receive account authentication details via email.