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What is the difference between Grado SR60e and SR80e?

What is the difference between Grado SR60e and SR80e?

The Grado SR60 and SR80e are nearly the same headphone with the exception of sound. The SR60e is a headphone with a well rounded bass that makes for fun, grungy rock and roll listening. And the SR80e is a headphone that simply chooses to be a little more flat and true to the mix bringing out the best of the mid-range.

Are Grado SR80e comfortable?

Overall, the Grado SR80e feels lightweight and is comfortable. It is not exactly portable despite the rotatable ear cups due to the long and thick cable. The fragile foam ear pads also make me feel unsafe to chug the headphones in my bag. However, the headphones did a good job of staying put and it cradled my ear well.

Is grado a good brand?

Grado doesn’t make the world’s best headphones, from a performance perspective. But they do make some of the most interesting ones, and their sound quality punches well above their price point at least at the low end.

How do I make my Grado SR80e more comfortable?

Washing the ear pads with soap and water helped soften them up as well, though it still took a few months of wear for them to get really broken in. Now I can wear them for hours with no discomfort at all. For fastest and most dramatic results, buy some G cush pads. These are grado’s over ear bowl pads.

Are Grado headphones durable?

Since they are designed to have the durable quality of professional headphones, they are definitely up to the task of enduring rough usage (although you can extend their life if you go easy on them).

Are Grado headphones balanced?

The 2.5mm TRRS is balanced, it has tip, ring, ring, sleeve (4 different sections). A regular 3.5mm TRS only has tip, ring, sleeve (3 different sections).

Are Grado sr80e good for gaming?

The Grados are known for a relatively small soundstage, so that would say they are not a very good headphone for gaming as positioning won’t be as good as some of the larger soundstage headphones like the DT880 or AD700.

Are Grado Labs headphones good?

These are lively headphones with excellent midrange and treble detail, as well as swift, deep bass for a pair of this size and style. They’re not the most relaxing listen and some won’t like the uncompromising nature of the midrange they present, but clarity relative to the price is excellent.

Do Grado headphones sound good?

Are Grado headphones uncomfortable?

Generally speaking Grados can be comfortable, especially with the Comfy-Cushs you are talking about. Yet again, Boses are built for long haul flights therefore are very comfortable by design.

Are all Grado headphones the same?

All have roughly the same type of build quality. That said, I believe that 2 headphones, in particular, will get you around 90-95% of the sound. They are the SR60e and the SR225e. With all of that, try a 60e if you really want to try a Grado: CHECK OUT THE 60e ON AMAZON!!

What’s the difference between the Grado sr80e and sr125e?

Twice as many conductors! Grado’s website says that the 8 conductor design will improve “control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum”. The website also mentions an Ultra-High Purity, Long Crystal copper voice coil wire for the driver and cable in the SR125e, with no mention of the same for the SR80e.

How long does a Grado sr80 headphone last?

One thing I have done recently is got an Apogee Duet (which I am very happy with and will be doing the comparison with) and some SR325i’s. These 325i’s currently have about 100hours burn-in on them. I’d image the SR80’s have at least 250 hours. Before buying the SR325i’s I’d read quite a lot about them here on head-fi.

Which is better the sr80 or the 325?

The bass on the 325s is also much stronger and fuller, and sounds less clinical than the SR80s, which seem to be very accurate in the bass department, where the 325s are smoother and fuller. I have not decided if i prefer the accurate but maybe slightly sterile sound of the SR80’s bass, or the 325’s more musical sounding bass.

Which is the best brand of Grado headphones?

Grado company is one of the world’s most potent headphones provider. The SR80e contains a new driver design and a new polymer to damp resonant distortion in the plastic housing, and a new cable from driver connection to plug.