What is the difference between BACnet and BACnet IP?

What is the difference between BACnet and BACnet IP?

BACnet not only works as a communications protocol, but it defines and describes the object types and services that BACnet devices support. BACnet over IP allows for communication between different IP subnets, multi-campus control systems, and can even use fiber and gigabit-ethernet.

Is Ethernet IP the same as BACnet IP?

The important thing to remember is that Ethernet communicates based on MAC addresses, while IP communicates based on IP addresses. IP is routable, but requires a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) on each subnet to send messages across the network.


BACnet/IP uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), a connectionless protocol. TCP, a connection-oriented protocol, has significantly more overhead than UDP and does not allow “one-to-many” messages. Other stream oriented protocols, such as ATM, suffer from the same problem.

Which is better BACnet IP or BACnet Mstp?

BACnet MSTP offers no way to prevent a security breach in a traditional system, whereas BACnet IP has the capability to be protected from external users attempting to hack or breach a system.

Is BACnet a Modbus?

Modbus: Modbus is a network protocol best used for industrial automation systems specifically for connecting electronic equipment….by Nikko Phongchit.

BACnet Communication across devices
Modbus Connection between devices
LonWorks Networking devices through power lines, fiber optics, and other media

Is rs485 a BACnet?

The BACnet MS/TP protocol uses EIA-485 (RS-485) as the physical layer standard for data transmission.

What is BACnet IP server?

The Intesis BACnet-EtherNet/IP gateway allows you to seamlessly inter-connect PLC/BMS systems and their connected devices between BACnet IP&MSTP Control systems and EtherNet/IP networks. This gateway works as a BACnet slave/server on the BACnet side and as a EtherNet/IP adapter on the EtherNet/IP side. FEATURES.

Is BACnet a Layer 3?

BACnet’s Four-layer Communication Model BACnet uses a collapsed architecture with only four layers. One of those four layers is the network layer (layer 3) and there is where routers live.

Is LonWorks obsolete?

While many see LonWorks as somewhat outdated, it does still have a dedicated fanbase.

What is BACnet IP vs Mstp?

What is BACnet over Mstp?

The BACnet Master Slave Token Passing (MS/TP) protocol is used to relay and exchange information between building devices. The BACnet MS/TP is a peer-to-peer, multiple master protocol based on token passing. A token is information packets in the form of a pulse signal that is passed between devices on a network.