What is the common name of Ziziphus jujuba?

What is the common name of Ziziphus jujuba?

common jujube
Ziziphus jujuba, called common jujube, is a small, droopy-branched, somewhat spiny, deciduous tree or large shrub that is native from southeastern Europe to China. It typically matures over time to 15-30′ tall. It was first cultivated in China for its fruit over 4000 years ago.

What is jujube called in India?

Ber fruit
Ber fruit are also referred to as Indian Jujube, Beri Fruit, Indian Plum, and Indian Cherry. There are some 90 cultivars of Ber fruit. A tropical and subtropical plant, Ber is related to the more common Chinese jujube, which grows in milder temperatures.

What is another name of jujube?

Ziziphus jujuba, commonly called jujube (/ˈdʒuːdʒuːb/; sometimes jujuba), red date, Chinese date, Chinese jujube is a species in the genus of Ziziphus (some of whose other species are also sometimes referred to as jujube), in the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae).

What is meant by jujube fruit?

1 : a fruit-flavored gumdrop or lozenge. 2a : an edible drupaceous fruit of any of several trees (genus Ziziphus) of the buckthorn family especially : one of an Asian tree (Z. jujuba)

Does Indian jujube have thorns?

It may be a bushy shrub 4 to 6 ft (1.2-1.8 m) high, or a tree 10 to 30 or even 40 ft (3-9 or 12 m) tall; erect or wide-spreading, with gracefully drooping branches and downy, zigzag branchlets, thornless or set with short, sharp straight or hooked spines.

Is Indian jujube good for pregnancy?

Is Jujube Fruit Good for Pregnancy? Jujube fruit contains rich amounts of folic acid that helps in the generation of blood cells and promotes fetal development. It also contains zinc which is helpful in fetal brain development & enhances cognitive function.

What is Green Ber called in English?

Ziziphus mauritiana, also known as Indian jujube, Indian plum, Chinese date, Chinese apple, and dunks is a tropical fruit tree species belonging to the family Rhamnaceae….

Ziziphus mauritiana
Family: Rhamnaceae
Genus: Ziziphus
Species: Z. mauritiana
Binomial name

What is kul called in English?

descent uncountable noun. You use descent to talk about a person’s family background, for example their nationality or social status. All the contributors were of African descent. /kula, kul/

Is jujube the same as red dates?

Jujube fruits, also known as red or Chinese dates, are low in calories and rich in fiber and other nutrients.

What is Annab?

Annab may be: the Persian word for dried jujube fruit.

What is Bair called in English?

/baira/ mn. hostility /hɒˈstɪlɪti हॉˈस्टिलिटी/ uncountable noun.

How did Ziziphus jujuba get its name?

However, when that species was transferred to the genus Ziziphus in 1788, the name Ziziphus jujuba was not available for use because it had already been used in 1768 to describe the temperate species from China.

What are the leaves and flowers of Ziziphus?

Leaves and flowers of Z. jujuba (top of picture = upper surface; bottom of picture = lower surface). Leaves and flowers of Z. jujuba (top of picture = upper surface; bottom of picture = lower surface). Ripe and unripe fruit of Z. jujuba.

Where does the jujube tree grow in the world?

The jujube, Z. jujuba grows in cooler regions of Asia. Five or more other species of Ziziphus are widely distributed in milder climates to hot deserts of Asia and Africa. In Madagascar, jujube trees grow extensively in the western half of the island, from the north all the way to the south.

How are jujube fruits used in Chinese medicine?

It is among the fruits used in Kampo. Jujube, along with Gan Cao, is used in Chinese medicine to harmonize and moderate other herbs. Ziziphin, a compound in the leaves of the jujube, suppresses the ability to perceive sweet taste. Jujube fruit is also combined with other herbs to treat colds and the flu.