What is the APB stand for?

What is the APB stand for?

all-points bulletin
all-points bulletin: a broadcast alert from one police station to all others in an area, state, etc., as with instructions to arrest a particular suspect or suspects.

What does APD mean?


Acronym Definition
APD Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
APD Appliance Parts Depot (various locations)
APD Action Potential Duration (electrophysiology)
APD Auditory Processing Disorder (previously known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder)

What does Ttps stand for Military?

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTP according to Joint Publication 1–02. Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures are specific terms which originated in the Department of Defense and have been used for many years to describe military operations.

What does GTO stand for Military?

GTO Great Teacher Onizuka Miscellaneous — and more… Rate it:
GTO Global Threat Overview Governmental » Military Rate it:
GTO Gran Turismo Omoligato Governmental » Transportation Rate it:
GTO Graphic Tube Original Academic & Science » Electronics Rate it:
GTO Gas Tube Only Academic & Science » Chemistry Rate it:

What is a APB in police?

: a general bulletin broadcast to alert law-enforcement officers over a wide area that someone (such as a suspect) or something (such as a vehicle) is being actively sought in connection with a crime The all-points bulletin for the suspects issued Thursday describes them as “armed and dangerous” …— Les Ledbetter …

Why is an APB called an APB?

The definition of apb is an abbreviation for “all points bulletin,” which is a notification among police agencies about a wanted person. The apb will usually describe the suspect and provide directions regarding the apprehension.

What is a APB in police terms?

What does APD stand for roads?

Appalachian Development Highway System – Appalachian Regional Commission.

What does the C stand for in Cali?

U.S. Army Regulation 530-1 has redefined Critical Information into four broad categories, using the acronym CALI – Capabilities, Activities, Limitations (including vulnerabilities), and Intentions.

What is the full form of TTP?

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a blood disorder in which platelet clumps form in small blood vessels. This leads to a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia).

What is the full form of MCT?

MCT Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Magic Control Technology Technology MCT
Multiple Configuration Technology Technology MCT
Micro Component Technology Technology MCT
Maximal Common Tree Maths MCT

What is GTO short for?


Acronym Definition
GTO Gran Turismo Omologato (Ferrari & Pontiac models)
GTO Guanajuato (México)
GTO Greater Than One (various locations)

What does the police term “APB” stand for?

APB is an acronym that stands for all-points bulletin. It’s a message that’s sent out to alert law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for an individual, such as a suspect, or something, such as a vehicle, in connection with a crime,…

What does APB stand for in Boeing?

Auxiliary Power Breaker (APB) and the Primary External Power Contactor (PEPC). These previous events all involved Boeing 777 aircraft fitted with ELMS II The aircraft electrical system does not parallel the two external power sources or the two APU generators; Nuisance ” AUXILIARY POWER BREAKER /AGCU FAIL” Message

What is police APB?

The definition of apb is an abbreviation for “all points bulletin,” which is a notification among police agencies about a wanted person.