What is the active ingredient in Pentacryl?

What is the active ingredient in Pentacryl?

Pentacryl contains a mixture of silicone polymers and paraffin wax dissolved in aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents (like mineral spirits). The pale amber color liquid is nonhygroscipe and does not discolor wood.

Is Pentacryl toxic?

Pentacryl is a wood stabilizer used by woodcarvers and woodturners to keep green wood from cracking, checking and splitting during the drying process. When the wood is completely dry, it can be stained and finished with waterborne or oil-based finishes. PENTACRYL is non-toxic.

How do you dispose of Pentacryl?

Do not let product enter drains, sewage system or ground water. Methods for Cleaning Up: Absorb with liquid binding material (sand, earth, diatomite, sawdust). Allow to solidify and shovel into a container for disposal according to local regulations.

What does wood juice do?

Wood Juice is a specially formulated product for treating dry or semi-dry wood to prevent future checking, cracking and warping. This product will provide more stability to the wood. It was developed to compensate for the difference in lower moisture content of the drier wood.

Does Pentacryl change the color of wood?

Does Pentacryl change the color of the wood? Pentacryl may in some cases alter the color slightly. In woods with a high tannic acid content it may show a slight graying on the surface. This is only superficial and will sand off.

Can you sand wood after using Pentacryl?

Yes. The wood will turn and carve easier because Pentacryl also acts as a lubricant for your tools until it dries. Note that before sanding, the wood should be completely dry.

How long does it take for wood juice to dry?

Drying time differs depending on the temperature, relative humidity, type of wood and its thickness. If the piece is a turning that is finished thin, then it may be dry enough to apply a finish in 1-3 months. If the piece is large, like a carving or cross-cut section, it may take 1-3 years to completely dry.

Can you paint over Pentacryl?

Yes. Wood treated with Pentacryl can be finished with urethane varnishes, water borne varnishes, lacquers, tung oil, linseed oil, and waxes have all been successfully used.

How do you apply Pentacryl?

When using the brushing method, apply Pentacryl liberally with a paint brush (picture 10) and then wrap the plastic over the wood to prevent the wood from drying (picture 7). Repeat the brushing (apply to both sides) and wrapping plastic methods until the wood is completely saturated.