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What is radical obedience to God?

What is radical obedience to God?

Radical obedience is hearing from God, feeling His nudges, participating in His activity, and experiencing His blessings in a way few people ever do.”

What does obedience look like in the Bible?

In simple terms, obedience is compliance with an order, request, law or submission to another’s authority. The bible also talks a lot about obedience as it is seen in many scriptures. We see in Philippians 2:8 that even Jesus showed obedience to death and death on the cross.

Who said yes to Jesus?

Donna Otto is quoted in Joanna Weaver’s book, “Having a Mary Spirit,” as she discusses Mary’s affirmation of her role as Jesus’ mother. “As far as I can tell, once Mary had said yes to the angel, she kept on saying yes to whatever God was doing in her life and her home.

What It Means to Say Yes to Jesus?

“Yes” to preaching the Gospel. “Yes” to being set apart for His Gospel. “Yes” to doing things His way. “Yes” to obeying His voice.

How many times is obedience mentioned in the Bible?

The believer’s Rome were being an example of obedience. The two words occur a total of 29 times in the New Testament, most frequently referring to Jesus. Those terms are the laws and commands that will make up the body of the book (Deuteronomy 12-26).

What is the difference between Obey and honor?

Their orders are they for you to ‘Honour’, not necessarily to ‘Obey’. The Fifth Commandments tells us to Honour, and not Obey. Honour in the Fifth Commandment teaches us how to love our parents – it’s a lifelong promise of proper respect. …

How can we say yes to God?

When we say, “Yes,” to God, we say, “Yes,” to all that He is. We say, “Yes,” to becoming all that we can be for Him. We say, “Yes,” to being all that He created us to be-to live our purpose with Him beside us. God does not want us to be afraid, but to be joyful and to seek Him and His kingdom above all else.

What is one way you think God is asking you to help build up the kingdom here on earth?

We help build the kingdom of God by living righteously. Individuals and families are strengthened by activity in the Church. We should willingly serve wherever we are. Blessings come as we serve in the kingdom of God.

How can you say yes to God’s will today?